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Fatal Frame review
by Uneducated_Reviews

My favorite part of Fatal Frame is the prologue, it has a nice and creepy rhythm and atmosphere and also promises a lot, the thing is that by one hour or two after that, it seems that all those promises about everything are gone.

I have a lot of problems with FF, the story is interesting but never really good, the combat is good till you find that the ghosts have the upper hand and their patterns are very fluid and semi-random Vs. your clumsy and slow controls, it also has a lot of backtracking but everything seems too similar that you will be watching a lot your map instead of your surroundings, speaking of surroundings, the exploration is awful and is one of those games that you need to check on everything and doesn't even have a visual cue (in critical parts at least) for you to guide yourself, also there's one puzzle that involves Japanese characters that really annoyed me because you have to somehow now its mechanics beforehand. I was about to quit this game so many times but I endured it because this game will not beat me (and because is really short), in the end, I kind of enjoyed some parts of this game but that's about it, although I sure hope the sequel is way better than this.
«Waste of time»
«Oh God i managed it»
«Game over at last!»