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Graveyard Keeper review
by Ian

Graveyard Keeper is kinda bittersweet to me. I love the game and highly recommend it (like it seriously is super fun when you’re actually able to progress) but that’s the bittersweet part because although it’s fun there are on many occasions where the game is super repetitive and it takes FOREVER to get the requested item to go on to the next mission.

Pros: fun story, great atmosphere, great graphics

Cons: slow moving, repetitive, lacks luster in certain spots 
«Sit back and relax»

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Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
A coherent game, which also brings with it a certain Addictive Factor. Graphic: The Graphics are lovingly, nice and witty. Detailed in all Areas where you move. Of course, it's not High-end Graphics how many Games are claiming as their own today, but this game doesn't need that Either. The Animations believable and well done. Control: The Control is done via the Keyboard and partly with the Mouse. Works Flawlessly and is accurate. Game Principle: Collect, process, combine, build, improve, build. > Similarities to the Game: Stardew Valley History: You have an Accident and you suddenly find yourself in this medieval Environment and take on the Role of a Cemetery guard and Death Graves. There are many NPC's where you need To complete Quests or provide Help to achieve the real Goal of activating the Way home. Game: GraveYardKeeper Also plays a very extensively designed map, where you travel back and forth between important Points to complete Various tasks. Sea beach, Forest, River, village, Many different Places are to visit. Hunters & Collector players will find themselves right relatively quickly and begin to find optimal Ways and build Warehouse structures to store and manage the numerous Resources. Depending On the Time of day, in the Game tomorrow or in the evening, the Monsters vary in the Gloomy places, between Bats and Slimies, which you either run away or later move with the Sword to Body. The Cemetery and the Church on it represent the linchpin of the Game, one maintains the Graves, improves The funeral Methods, beautifies the Place, nebei one upgrades the Interior of the Church. In the Basement of the Church, one sets up his Alchemist lab and occasionally goes to the Dungeon to do tasks in addition to tasks, also to destroy the Monsters and to recover a few valuable Things. Once in the 6-Day week in this World, you go to church and preach and hope that you will receive the Blessing to be able to explore Things or get better Conditions at a Trader. Every NPC it tells a Story, first each for itself and then these Stories are towards the End, all linked. The Developers have also been eager to incorporate different humorous Elements, as well as to hide References that come from other Games. Apparently, these only become when you take a closer look or read a lot of a Text carefully. For Power Players: The Game offers about 72h of Game time until The end, at continuous Play, I made it in 71.5h at the End, but omitted some Successes. Pros: Graveyard Keeper Worked with great Attention to Detail, graphically, musically and narratively. The Game runs stable, has no Bugs. Negative:!!! It's likely my rush play style caused that!!! You excessive Sammeln/Farms, the Flow of the Game 1x extremely, because through the many Resources (collected everything that was not rivet and Nail Festival, I could do 2 Things in a ROW at an NPC, which was probably not intended. In General: The Flow of The game and the Story plays evenly and fluidly. Pleasant, alternating Music lovingly undertakes the Action. The Graphics Style may not appeal to everyone, but away from the High-end Graphics Games, Graveyard Keeper Has a good and thoughtful Structure where, albeit linear, you can let off steam a little. The crafting system is special, as there are a lot of Resources where different Starting Materials can lead to the desired Destination. Some Areas of the Map are not accessible, which is a little confusing or misleading at first, as it is quickly assumed that the Area is accessible via a hidden Mechanic. The Play Area is precisely delineated and would probably lead to more Running work if Enlarged rather than pleasant for a Player. Resumee: Those away from the fierce MMO's, 3D shooters, Team Tactics games have some relaxing addiction, which is designed with Wit and Charm, will not be disappointed in the Game.