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Assassin's Creed Unity review
by Kaimynas

I played all the mainline AC games (besides Rogue) up until Unity, and after this one, I am completely burned out of AC formula. This game is very beautiful, color pallet, art direction and overall atmosphere of Paris are superb. But for me, it fails in all other parts like:
. Controls. The biggest strength of this game - freedom, is it's the biggest weakness, the main character jumps and runs on everything but not where you want him to. 
. Story and characters. For me, I found overall plot very disappointing, another meaningless war between Assassins and Templars, another revenge story added into the mix. Another cocky long haired main character who becomes a bit more mature as the time goes. Another set of uninspiring characters. 
Gameplay. This is the biggest issue for me.  All the missions are the same as in all the previous games, tailing, assassinating, running from enemies etc, if it would be my first AC game maybe it would be a different story, but right now it's same old game, just in a different setting. 

Overall I felt disappointed with this game, though I can't wait to try this series newest additions where they seemed to have changed most of the issues I had with it. 

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I wanted to like this game, but it just wasted its enormous potentials completely.
The graphics is beautiful, the combat is finally a bit challenging (for the first time since AC:B) and revolutionary Paris has a strong atmosphere. But characters and plot is totally, horribly uninteresting. But my biggest problem with Unity? No, it's not the bugs. It is the French Revolution. This revolution is widely considered to be one of the most important revolutions for entire mankind (Western world especially), thousands of volumes were written about it. Fall of monarchy, rise of Napoleon, Roberspierre, left and right, crumbling of entire state, Reign of Terror, fall of Bastille, political intrigues, civil unrests, chaos... And what does Unity focus on? On a totally cliche, dull, boring lovestory between some French assassin (the protagonist) and some Templar girl. Really, Ubisoft? Is this the best you can do?
The bugs are fixed.  The online stuff still sucks though.  the world is cool and beautiful.  the flash forward stuff is mysterious and I wish it went somewhere in the series.  The RPG elements helped the gameplay be way less repetitive.  My favorite of the late stage of the original recipe AC games.

This game was getting absolutely panned in the early days by some reviews for its host of technical problems and glitches. I actually avoided it for several years because of this. When I saw that it was on sale and heard the bugs had been worked out, I decided to check it out and was glad that I did. There's a significant break from earlier AC games in regards to hiding, taking cover, and luring enemies to your position. I would say that pretty much all of these changes were for the worse, despite them all being generally playable and fine. The exclusion of the series' classic whistle mechanic to lure guards and its replacement by revealing your position and then hiding again is somewhat baffling to me. Did anybody actually enjoy this change?

Other than these issues, the game is fun, pretty, and introduces quite a few interesting changes to the AC formula. I really liked the more open ended assassination missions that often had a secret, more elaborate and challenging assassination method for players willing to explore and find it for themselves. I also enjoyed the crime solving missions despite the tedious backtracking they would often require. The City of Paris is of course beautiful to explore as well, making hunting for collectibles a generally enjoyable time. Overall, it's a decent game. It's definitely not the best of the first era of AC games, but its not nearly the worst either. It also has some of the most interesting and unusual gameplay mechanics of any game in the series (they really tried to change up a lot of stuff and then kind of reversed these changes with Syndicate). I'd overall recommend playing if you're a fan of AC or want to check out what I would probably call the most unusual and idiosyncratic of the AC games. 
This game takes pretty much all of the previous Assassin's Creed gameplay, and turns it on it's head, for better, or for worse. Control schemes are wildly different than previous incarnations, multiplayer is now an essential part of the game if you want to progress fully, character customization. The list goes on and on. For all it does good, it does a lot wrong unfortunately. There were two specific things that I really was turned off by. The first, is that the last several entries in the series (III, Black Flag, Rogue), you had a very interesting environment to explore, and huge at that. This game was a huge regression in that to me. You basically have a city to run around and do things in again and that is it. It gets very boring quickly for me. The other thing is that the story just kind of.... sucked. Which is very unusual for a Creed game. Other than the beginning, there was little to no ties to the previous games, and no real progression of the main storyline in the series. Also the whole Animus TV stuff SUCKED, and it was weird and not done correctly. That's the real problem throughout the game, is it is not explained well enough, I felt lost in the story the entire game through. The DLC was a real treat, introduced a lot of awesome features we have never before seen in a Creed game, but even then, the story was just not implemented correctly. Okay, that's the bad. The good, is surprisingly enough, the multiplayer. I was very skeptical of this at first but the more I played it, the more I enjoyed it. Something about coordinating with team-members to plan an assassination just gives you a serious badass feeling. The combat is super fun and varied. The new items are great too. Basically, all of the gameplay elements are great. Everything else is just kind of meh. I would recommend this game for people who are fans of the series, but only hardcore fans.
Garbage. Fails in everything it tries to do. Stealth is garbage, combat it trash, Arno is an unlikeable twat and the story is absolute nonsense
«Buggy as hell»
«Disappointment of the year»
This game is terrible. I was excited for the next entry in the Assassin's Creed franchise after Black Flag. Since Black Flag was the first Assassin's Creed game on the next gen (PS4 and Xbox One), I was anxiously waiting to see what other visual and technical feats the next gen consoles would be able to further improve upon for this franchise. To begin with, sure, the game looks good visually. But with that beautiful aesthetic and graphics, come a plethora of bugs and glitches that lead to frustration and even game crashes. The voice work is largely competent and yes, the Animus does translate the native language of the ancestor whose memories the player is experiencing, but it's odd and distracting to have a cast of characters that all speak with British accents in 18th century France. The story is so superficial and irrelevant that it hurts. The setting of this game is the French Revolution, one of the most important moments in Western Civilization and Ubisoft butchers it like a brain dead hog. There is nothing substantive or enthralling in regards to the story. It seemed that in previous Assassin's Creed entries there was some understanding of characters and a narrative. When Assassin's Creed's story works, it is when there is a clear grasp of a historical event or events, a clear understanding of character and writing and a perfect way to use characters and historical events to convey something about these characters and their relationships with others or the world in which they live. It is also appreciated when creative liberties are taken with historical events. The entire premise of this series is that history has been "rewritten" by the Templars so with that premise, you can almost literally have free reign with what you can or can't do that is historically accurate or inaccurate. But the narrative team on Unity do nothing. The story seems to desperately scramble to hit historical events just for the sake of presenting historical events and with no regard to doing anything interesting with history or characters. Oh, if you are looking forward to some compelling "modern day" story beats, look elsewhere. I don't even know who the game is centered on for its modern day elements (the game directly addresses you in an already tired and unclever way that was presented in Black Flag and Rogue). But you as a character have no interaction with the world outside of the Animus. There's also some stupid Animus glitches that pop up. But they are useless and serve no purpose in the game. The gameplay mechanics are absolute garbage. I have never played a game with such unpolished gameplay. The fighting mechanics are terrible and feel so out of place in this franchise. The running and parkour elements are atrocious, you can find yourself flailing to your death due to a bug or shitty game design. There are too many collectibles and side missions that kind of overwhelms you as a player. The leveling system is so surface level and stupid that it's pathetic. Forcing a character to play multiplayer and buy gear to increase their level and therefore increase their efficiency in the game is a poor excuse of an idea for progression or leveling up. The leveling system doesn't even offer a wide range of options to help either. There are so many physics inconsistencies that ruin this game. A flintlock or even a rifle from the 18th century is NOT going to be accurate nor will it have the range that the game likes to portray it having. This team should have done their homework on 18th century firearms. But that's just one of many places where they should have went back to the drawing board. At the end of the day, this game pisses me off due to frustration and just an overall bafflement on how a major developer can have such a terrible misfire with this piece of shit and at the same time it really upsets me that out of all of the time periods Assassin's Creed fucked up on, they had to chose the most interesting and important.

 Rating- ⅕
«Buggy as hell»
«Waste of time»
Worth it for the beautifully realized Paris alone.
Unity didn’t need to be made and really shouldn’t have been made. It felt uninspired. 

Final Score: B
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
There are some Positives as well as a very big negative Part to tell about this Game. Let's start: Positive:-very nice setting-Graphics really well done and beautiful to look at-Storytech can do quite a bit-liquid climbing (mostly)-co-op mode-various Adaptations of the Character negative:-frequent FPS drops and ruckler in excess (1-3 Seconds of standstill of the Image)-no longer present a Side Story as usual in all AC parts (see Desmond)-The End (my Opinion ^^, there is still air upwards. Like Mass Effect, just different)-Monotone Mission sections (usually only just track down and eliminate)-You can't start a new Game (see again)-Diverse Bugs in Co-op mode (e.g. invisible Enemies kill you)-Some boxes can only be opened if you The App plays for it (100% sync Adieu) As you can see it has some pros and Cons. But you know that all too well from the other AC parts. I don't want to dwell too much on the Story not to Spoiler, because everyone should take their own Picture. Despite all the Mistakes, Bugs and other Things, I would still recommend this Game because it is Fun. It is not as extensive as AC: Black Flag is still a Playable. I expected a lot and didn't get that much for it but that's fine. The Co-op mode is a lot of Fun when you play it with Friends, because it's quite annoying when an Unknown goes in full in a Sneak Mission, dies and you have to Start it all over again. I find The Combat System very successful. Finally no more butchering where Hordes of Opponents storm at me and I do without a Batting To shrug all away. From as little as 4 Opponents you have to Think carefully Whether Fighting or Escaping. Well, everything in llem troeable a Game that I can recommend because I follow the AC parts with a lot of zeal. On the Problem with the new Game Score: First, you need to turn off the Cloud on Uplay. To do this, just go on Settings and remove the top ticking. You then have to access the Ubisoftordner and "savegames" there. If you Have multiple speciation games, you search the folder with the more recent Files (just look at the Date) and delete them completely or drag it to a stick to secure it. Have you done this you can start the Game happily all over again. That was mine and for Spelling Mistakes my Lankers nech ^^ Mfg Fisoduck
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Ok, after about 10 Hours of AC Unity, I give my Review here after holding BACK several times as I didn't want to get AC down the way I'm About to. I played ALL AC games, some with more, some with less fun, but all were interesting, built on a good Engine and were able to entertain me a bit even after I played through the Story. But then Came Unity: + The New Engine certainly looks great, of course it doesn't draw a lot of Resources, but:-almost all Movements, Jumps and Sword attacks LOOK totally unnatural And Don't like MIR. -There are almost an infinite Number of Side missions, all of which are damn uninteresting and without which it is difficult to continue playing the Main Story, since you:-SKILLS KUY?! You first have to exchange Assassin Points to carry out Double Attacks? Is this their ERNST?? What's next? 1 Unit of Money per amount of Money on the go?? Impossible. EVERYTHING is monetized. "Hopping points" are supposed to make it easier to get expensive Swords etc, but can you get relatively few Hopping points in the Game itself, the others? NATURLICH BEI UPLAY GOOD € € BUY! After DLCs, is this coming now? WOW as if your greedy Vulture Pack doesn't already deserve enough with the actual Game! -The Memory Points are a Joke. In all previous AC Games there were always memory points during individual Sequences or Reminders, so that you didn't have to run completely from scratch again. In this Aspect, Too, Ubisoft got everything wrong in Unity that could only do it wrong! Whether you play for 20 Minutes and are killed by the "Boss" of Memory or fall off the Roof right at the Beginning, YOUR LANDET WIEDER AM ANFANG. W.I.E.S.O.? -I don't know if I'm vllt limited, or haven't grasped all the Features yet, but I haven't found a Way to pick out the normal hidden Blade as a Weapon. No, you can fight with your Degen. -Medicine. Cursed old Medicine is making its Comeback, from the early AC Parts. I hated it, I thought Ubisoft has learned, in the later Games health was replenished when you were out of the Danger zone. -The Assassin Costume is also a Joke. In the past it was all about going down as discreetly as possible in the Crowd, but Arno runs through a greyish Paris in bright bright bright bright Colours (Which you can choose, juhu + Dot). -Bugs are also a Pair again, but I can't say that there are an excessive number. I could cite even more, but I think my Basic Idea has come across. If you really want to play the Story ok, but otherwise FINGER WEG.