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missed messages. review
by Laura

I wasn't sure if I should give this an "Exceptional" or "Recommended" rating but I ultimately chose the former because this is one of the best pieces of media to handle suicide/self harm. As someone who has seriously struggled with thoughts of hurting myself it means a lot to me that there's a game that realistically and respectfully discusses the topic and presents realistic endings to all your choices. Suicide is not glamorous in any way and it is important to get help (as well as to offer help when you can). 

This is more of a visual/interactive novel so if you're a more seasoned gamer keep that in mind. It's also pretty graphic in its depictions of self harm/suicide so if that triggers you do not play it. Otherwise, it's worth checking out. It's free, short, simple, and absolutely beautiful. 

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This game blew my mind, it is supper under rated and the ost is amazing.