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Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine review
by possum

«Better with friends»

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Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
This game has been out a while now but it still is one true GEM! Was my first game and i have 600 hours+. Tons of fun to play together with others online (best thing is if you got some buddies that you know to play with). Chaotic running around, hyper music, guards chasing you and punching you in the face or shooting at you. But once you die if you're not playing alone you'll leave a radioactive skelleton and other teammates can revive you again so that the fun continues! pros + + really nice stealth and even if you figure out the mechanics levels can be very challenging + workshop so potentially infinite amount of levels + create your own levels +even basic game has a lot of levels + music and graphics + tons of co-op fun + funny french spea king enemies + chasing civs who keep running to call guards, then hiding in a bush or sometihing and making them look like dumba*** who hallucinate + good price especially on sale, but worth the normal price too for that amount fun and content!! cons - - if theres lag game really does become (too) hard to play (although lag makes it funny too sometimes, being teleported around and the guards still chasing you :D) - not too many people playing now it seems although the more buy the game the more there will be again ; ) (plus me now and then)
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Never had so much fun! What's that like to go on Rampage through a Big City? From one Coup To the next? This Game shows how it goes. You choose a Character, each of You equipped with unique Abilities. Each Skill is useful in its Own way and offers you significant Advantages in some Situations. Your Field of View is narrowed to the point where you can see everything your Character can grasp from his Field of vision. The Rest of the Map remains dark. Only for Orientation the Walls and Objects on the Map are grey. So you don't run off completely blind on it. Whether Single-player or with up to 4 Players, this Game is Top. With each Level, the Level of Difficulty increases. More and more Security, either in the Form of Chamber gas, alarm systems or Security guards. The Levels are lovingly designed in their pixel look. The additional Challenges, such as creating a Level without losing Life or simply taking everything down to the last Coin, make the Game even more interesting. The Story is also not to be scorned, so not only text skipping but quiet times read through. ^^ (Note: NPCs also have funny Texts ready for you. Pay Particular attention to the NPC, which sits at some Points of the individual Levels on the Computer and writes a Letter, the Text appears in green Letters above its Head. His Story is also quite funny) In addition, the Game also offers a Leaderboard where you can see how well you have set yourself up in the individual Levels. This is divided into Total And Daily. Top Pay, for every forgotten Coin there Is Time Penalty. Another Addition that I particularly like. There is a level creator. That is, you can create your own Levels there. Well, that's something. Our Group, consisting of 3 People, has acquired the Game on offer and we are all of the Opinion: This Game is worth its Money! It's funny, and has given us a Lot of great gaming nights. We say: Thank you for this awesome Game!!!