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Furi review
by Kaimynas

If you don't play many bullet hell, fast-paced twin-stick action games, Furi will likely test your sanity. You start your game as a stranger, imprisoned in a highly advanced ten island prison complex which floats in orbit above a planet's surface. A man wearing a rabbit disguise frees you, gives you a sword and gun, and leaves you with one idea in your mind "The Jailer is the key. Kill him, and you will be free.".

This game is a sci-fi version of Afro Samurai, where you have to battle each islands Guardian to progress, similar to games like Shadow of the Colossus, you fight only with these Guardians. That makes every boss feel like the last boss fight in any other game. These fights are stylish, fast-paced, intense rounds of endurance. I almost gave up, at one Guardian, called The Burst, it was so hard, and if you lose, you have to start that fight sequence from the beginning,  hearing the same dialog over and over again. I mastered that fight, but one sequence and after another beating I deleted the game, infuriated. But the game was so good that after the dust settled and anger faded away, I installed it again and beat the boss after the first try. The feeling you get when beating hard enemy was only matched by souls games experience. So don't forget, "The Jailer is the key. Kill him, and you will be free.".
«Constantly dying and enjoy it»
«OST on repeat»

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Translated by
Microsoft from French
"A big thank you to Shinji Mikami, Hideki Kamiya, Keiji Inafune, Hideo Kojima, Hidetaka Miyazaki, Genyo Takeda, Platinium games, grasshopper, manufactures, and treasure co. thank you all for your games and the memories they have given us!" If one of the names mentioned by the developers tells you something and you are a follower of the exgigeing and nervous action games, then Furi will be for you. A trip completely halucinated and halucting by its mastery and its genesis. "... and you. Thank you for playing Furi until the end! " Well if by chance one of the dévs falls on this notice, this is my answer: guys, you have understood everything! And I can't help but be happy simply to see a French game emerge that fully assumes its influences, both in terms of artistic direction and gameplay. Fury is a bit of an amalgam of a Ninja Gaiden and a manic shooter. And I don't remember having such a mix in my hands. Are we witnessing the appearance of a new genre? In any case the game has a huge quality that I find in the dark souls, the games Platinium games (metal gear rising to give another example) and Grasshopper (killer is dead for example): it is the one to make the player better: each fight is segmented in PHA increasingly exgigeing. You can hit, shoot, Dasher, counter and make a loaded shot... and that's pretty much it! But behind this accessibility are hidden paterns retorts that you will have to memorize. For the persevering player, the progression curve within a game session can be lightning-fast: while we were being beaten wildly during the first phases of a boss, we find ourselves to make mistakes, to literally explode the boss in its first phases after only a few tries. And this progression curve is found throughout the entire game. Furi is like a large staircase to climb: with force of effort and warm-up, we come to the end step by step, so that we are really happy to finish it! And that few games do it. For the furious crazies, the game features a speedrun mode and more exhilarating modes of difficulty, although the basic game is already incredibly "rough". We will also appreciate the sound soundtrack of the title, and for those that the difficulty of the soft effrait, I recommend at least to obtain this one! The band camp here. [] graphically, the game adopts a pure line, a very dynamic style in the image of the grasshopper games, and offers us during the entracts of the strolling in the heart of Lunar and imposing landscapes. My only regret is the character of the Narrator, who is clearly too much. I think that the Player did not need to be explained necessarily all the ins and outs of the plot, and that a little mystery would have given the game a special aura, a little like the dark souls. :) To finish I will insist on giving a chance to the game and its developers. A Studio capable of taking out such a killing and French is surprising, it leaves a PEnter on possible future games. Personal appreciation: 19/20-so much love and talent in this game! / ! \ Indispensable joystick/! \ If you enjoy the genre:-all Platinium games (excluding command sets). -All Grasshopper games. -Any manic shooter/shoot them up worthy of this name (let's cite Ikaruga as an example). To finish a big thank you to Gautoz of Gamekult for this discovery!
Can’t say anything bad about the game. One of really great indie games I’ve played. It’s challenging and addictive, very beautiful and every character is deep and interesting. Will recommend it to everyone who likes stylish neon slashers.  
«OST on repeat»
Boss fights here are pain in ass. You can attack bosses only during special pauses. The gameplay turns into memorizing this moments and becomes repetitive and dull. And here is a secret ending. Instead of bonuses or something special it deletes the second half of the game. And I really don’t want to start the game over to find out what is there.