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New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe review
by Dabzilla

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What if Super Mario World but multiplayer. Just doesn't innovate enough to make this standout as the franchise usually does. 
I went into this really wanting to like it. I have an issue with the newer mario platformers, and I have a really hard time putting my finger on what it is about them that doesn't quite do it for me. The platforming physics are exceptional and the level design is well thought out and interesting enough, but there is something about these games that just feel a little hollow? I think it all boils down to aesthetics; everything is to prim and clean, and it doesn't have the pixelated charm of the classics or the interesting settings of other new nintendo platformers like the (impeccable) donkey kong returns series.

This game was fun and I enjoyed playing it, but at this point the mario maker series has made the new mario bros series obsolete. Grab mario maker 2 if you are hankering for some platforming action
«I could make it better»
I've only played for an hour so far, but OH THE NOSTALGIA!  It just feels so right playing a side scrolling Mario adventure again.