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Mass Effect 3 review
by malaya

we all know what happens @ the end but.. overall it was still a good game and at least its better than andromeda
«Beaten more than once»

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I'm going to go ahead and swan dive into the controversy surrounding this game by stating that this game is not bad. The ending is fine. There was nothing ever wrong with this game. Get over it. The game concludes the story of Commander Shepard as he and his allies fight the climactic final battle against the Reapers. Everything I love about this series is brought back. Though to be fair, some of the elements have been stripped back a little, I suppose to stress multiplayer. The story is a conclusion. There are no open ended possibilities for continuations or sequels. I have enjoyed this ability to import saved from the previous games to create one coherent story. I would really like to see more of that in video games. The writing is still good and the storytelling is amazing. The voice work and sound is top notch. The visuals are the best in the trilogy. The gameplay has been improved. Playing Mass Effect 2 and 3, it's almost as if they gameplay in the first game was just a fluke or it was nothing. The games have improved immensely from Mass Effect. The art and music are still superb. Again, I find nothing wrong with this film. I bought this trilogy on Xbox 360, along with the story DLC for Mass Effect 2 and 3. So maybe the fact that I had the whole series at my fingertips the whole time impacts my views on the ending. But I see nothing wrong with it. There is no indoctrination. Whatever happened at the end of the game happened. I think it's pathetic that Bioware deliberately went back and added a third option for the end. If you want to argue the technical elements of it (such as the final choice being abrupt and not being informed or automatically chosen based on your moral alignment through the series) that's fine. I can understand that. But the fan outrage that can be seen on the internet of people just pissing and moaning about the ending on the internet does reflect a mentality among fans to scream and cry and hope someone will appeal and cater to them. And finally in 2020 major film studios are doing just that, listening and pandering to fans on the internet. I don't play games to be pandered to. I don't watch movies to be pandered to. I put myself at the mercy of the storyteller and allow him or her to present an engaging narrative in either a game or movie. Screw my expectations. I want to be entertained. And this game was truly entertaining.

 Rating- 5/5
I only played this game during my replay of the series. When they came out I only played the first 2. I knew the third got a lot of crap for how they ended the story. I didn’t mind the ending. This one is definitely worse than the second, I’ll agree with that. But I still found it enjoyable and at the end of the game I felt satisfied. It was a long and enjoyable journey.

Final Score: B+