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4-4-2 Soccer review
by Ísak Agnarsson

One of the first football games i played as a kid with Fifa 97-99 and i always came back to this one simply because of the music and unique atmosphere. Best football game i've ever played, hasnt aged well since its one of the first PS1 games but its one of the football games other than Fifa and Pes that i truly enjoyed, even though it was less realistic (Than Fifa)

You had 4 superleagues with random teams around the globe and your objective was to go up to the first league. You started at 4th league with limited amount of squad and money. The transfer market was incredible at the time and i was more often that not just simulating my games. This game got me more interested in games like FM and CM, even though they are 100x more realistic.
«Just one more turn»
«Sit back and relax»