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Fire Emblem: Three Houses review

It's definitely a game with a lot of interesting things going on. Having three different paths to go through all with their unique casts of characters, all with motivations of their own that brought them to the church, and the story is pretty decent too, pulling a couple of plot twists that definitely took me off guard. The game is incredibly fun an intuitive when it comes to combat, all of your characters have different sets of skills all which a very specific purpose that no other character in your party can do. The game makes you think about your strategy, which character is gonna go with who? What class is gonna be this character this time? It makes you think about little stuff before you enter battle.

It is not flawless tho. First of all, some characters are gonna become useless very very quickly often dying in just one hit. Also, exploring the church on sundays is one of the most boring and tedious aspects of the game, especially because it almost goes the same way and you have to go through it to pump up the motivation of your students so they can level up in some categories. I don't wanna make the obvious comparison to Persona, but i have to since the world in persona is so rich in character with just a lot of things to do to level up your skills and your links to the side characters, there's some things you can only do in a specific day of the week or a date but in Fire Emblem, aside from some side tasks, everything is there every sunday, the characters are always waiting for you to talk to (besides the church looking very generic without any sense of personality or identity). Also, this might be a nitpick, but the ingame animations are complete garbage, i know this is expected coming from an RPG, but in this game they feel especially bad. 

Overall, it's a fun game, the good parts are great, often having you think twice about what you're gonna do (the time travel really helps if you're like me and trying to not get any of your characters killed) but between them, there's this long, boring and tedious sections of exploring the monastery with a couple of sidequests that while deepen the character's lore, are so sterile and lacking any impact on the actual game which was a wasted opportunity in my opinion. Try it, but expect a lot of very tedious sections of gameplay 


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Three Houses stands unique next to its predecessors. The idea for the half-monastery half-war model was great and played into the deep character relationships applications to the battles. Inspiration was obviously drawn from Persona, but not executed as well. I never got tired of the combat due to the many mechanics and seemingly infinite maps. I didn't realize that the exploration portion would only be the Monastery, so in the late game I felt myself dreading the Monastery and wanting new scenery. Despite this, I still played through the fourth route and the Blue Lions route and loved it the whole way through.
Starts out pretty good but quickly becomes very repedetive and boring. Story is quite generic although the premise was promsing. 
«Waste of time»
It´s a lot of fun, sadly the quantity of dialogue is bigger than its quality. But the fact that they voiced every line of it is commendable and made even the least interesting conversations bareable. Gameplay is extremely simple and classic Fire Emblem. Great for beginners and veterans.

+ Satisfying gameplay loop  
+ Great cast of likable characters  
+ Different paths offer great replay potential
+ Sublime control in unit management
+ Divine pulse eliminates frustration of resetting but never makes game too forgiving

- Monastery time gets very repetitive
- Not much mission variety