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Pokémon GO review
by AutoDMC

I've reached Level 38, caught every Pokemon in my region, and walked over a thousand kilometers ingame.  You could say that I'm a fan.

However, your enjoyment of this game will be directly proportional to how good your local map is.  I lived in an area with five gyms and 5 additional Pokestops;  I work in Downtown with over 10 gyms and tens of Pokestops nearby.  I've got plenty of content to explore and have enjoyed it immensely.  If, however, you live in a more rural area or somewhere lacking in stops and gyms, this game can end up being a slog.

In addition, having an active community of players nearby can give a grand experience of belonging to something bigger... not to mention it's fun seeing people in suits with briefcases standing around to catch a Charizard.

This game is the realization of Satoshi Tajiri's dream of providing a world of exploration in a hand-held format.  The original vision for Pokemon was to help city-bound kids find a huge world to explore full of magical creatures.  20 years later, we now have a game tied to the real world inspiring actual real-world exploration.

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The trick here to not play this one at home or get too consumed with FOMO like any mobile game. Playing it out and about here and there with the ability to transfer to Pokemon Home now is a good way to keep moving on days where you feel the laziest. 
I've been playing since launch day 2016 and I can confidently say that the game is now what it should have been when it was first released. Despite a multitude of problems at launch, including a constantly crashing server and only the first generation of pokemon, the game has since gone through multiple revamps including the gym system, adding pvp and trading, and generally fixing it. It's genuinely fun now, and you can get the full pokemon experience without spending a dime. 
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Microsoft from Deutsch
For me, Pokémon Go is one of the best "Games" apps for the iPhone. A MUST for all Pokémon Fans! Many of us grew up with Pokémon and somehow can't let go of it altogether. It's just great that even after two Decades, Pokémon is still so popular. Collecting The Type of Pokémon and filling your Pokédex is neither too hard nor too easy-just perfect balance in terms of Difficulty. Here in Germany there are an enormous Number of Gyms and Pokestops, which is very Player-friendly. (Not anywhere in the World like that ...) Increasing His player level takes a relatively long time but a "Challenge" must also be there. (If you have Friends who also like to play Pokémon Go, you can certainly do it faster if you walk around together.) Especially the Events, which occur quite often (E.g. more frequent appearance of water Pokémon), are a great Method for us to stay on the Ball when it comes to completing Pokédex. Just a great Pastime while walking somewhere! I am offered much more than before on the List of friends. You can fight together in the Gyms, send Gifts and Pokémon can of course also be exchanged, but only if you are Close to each other ... For all Pokémon nostalgists, Memories come up ... Of course you could swap at a distance these days but somehow I find it nice that you can't.
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Microsoft from French
I do not understand why it can be found that Pokémon in their early forms eg embrylex. It can be found in shiny but not tyranitar in RAID which is very unfortunate, likewise for the other Pokémon. It would be as good to see these friends connected by a color light because we do not know who is connected or not. Also there are Pokémon still not found as nunja which is my favorite. The stuff that would just be wonderful would be powers to see the player within 50 meter where these friends. For arenas a little improvement would just be cool as a bonus of Pokepiece thanks to defensive bearings using the berries and staying longer than 8h20. A great choice of attacks for Pokémon only for Pokemon catchable in nature because the attacks are too repetitive. Classify these pokemons by IV, add the EV that gets by attacking some Pokémon in arena or RAID as in the game Pokémon, new pokeball that would be obtained as community day with the pokestop. I had a lot of friends who ask me is what it would be possible to have a legendary one by arenas. I got the idea of a new landing for friends catching that increases by 0.25 and a small shiny meeting increase all this will last 3 months or 6. You do a lot of work so if one of my own ideas taken by other players or even the Pokémon game would just be huge. Thank you for all 😁