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Yesterday review
by MrSpanky

Intro does not explain the core concepts of the game.
No character introduction, therefore no emotional connection to the main protagonist.
Bad interface forcing for pixel hunting with barely noticeable icon change on highlighted interaction, as recognized by the developers with the introduction of the reveal-all button.
Questionable art style.
Plain and simply boring.

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Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Pendulo Studios has followed suit. The Creators of the "Runaway" series, which revived The still-believed Adenturezeit, have recreated another Work after "The Next Big Thing." In the beloved and very detailed, loving Cartoon Style "The Fall John Yesterday" Comes to Light. The Game itself remains true to the earlier Products, it has become a Point & Click Adventure. The mysterious Search For Clues of John Yesterday, the Main Protagonist Of the Game, engages us in all sorts of mystical, humorous and gaulish. Just a "Pendulo Studios" Game. The Interactions go very well out of hand, the Game is first class set to music (at: At Steam there is unfortunately no German Variant, but this can be reload from the Net Including German Synchronization!), the Puzzles fluctuate between simple to sometimes too Somewhat abstruss, but by and Large they are also lovingly and ideologically designed. A big Problem of the Game: There is no Time to tell the existing Story (see the first "Runaway" Part that has done this!). The Game will offer maximum content in about 4-5 Hours. Something little, the Plot will take Turns, involve a Love Story, a Villain, orders, Rituals ... But everything just seems too pressed, crank down and loveless, in Contrast to the Optics. The Game itself remains exciting, but you realise it could have done more. So the Love Story remains very superficial, the Characters (except John himself) just remain too pale, so again no Comparison to Brian and Gina. Very Bad. Not to Be highly recommended despite the Sale for a few Euros, as well as the related Pendulo Games. But please, dear Developers, with the Continuation of the Game comes back to the Level of a "Runaway," measured by Part 1 and 3 of course.
Translated by
Microsoft from Italian
The game in itself beautiful, plot, graphics and fun at the top. Unfortunately the countless bugs spoil it all. Controls are often difficult and the historical line often gets tangled up. During the final chapter the save file is corrupted, which carries out the program automatically, making it impossible to finish the game without starting from scratch. When selling a product as beautiful as this one should pay attention to the programming, because you risk ruining a masterpiece made by others just because you are not able to adapt it with a minimum of competence. I give 3 stars especially because of the corrupt rescue that ruined my whole quest.
Translated by
Microsoft from Danish
This is a must have for any adventure gamer. Keep this kind of work coming and I will buy it all ;) Pros: extremely good story drives you through, puzzles are logical and at times very challenging, the cartoon style is beautiful, all speech is voiced, you can choose your end character, music is eerie but sets the mood just right, controls worked good, game mechanics in general were intuitive, gamelenght was just right Cons: the choice in the end is final so if you want to see another ending you have to play the entire game again, the sound has lag problems throughout the game (not big problem, but enough that it annoyed me), the voice acting was not perfect all the way through (only a few times) I will rate this game 9.5/10
Translated by
Microsoft from Italian
I don't mind giving a high grade to this title, after the initial premises it seemed to me that I had finally found a good modern graphic adventure with a retro style, but not so. The interesting plot, but its development yields credibility in favor of twists, and the ramifications of the choices / possibilities do not exist, let me explain: you can't go wrong! The dialogues are "driven" towards the right choice, impoverishing the game logic. The commands as mentioned by others are actually uncomfortable at times, but I think it basically depends on the fact that the game tested more for iPad than for iPhone (where I played it), but you get used to it in a moment. The fine graphics and actually the plot keeps you glued to the game so as to finish it in a short time. I am still looking forward to a nice interactive novel, a game at the Gemini Rue, or the level of the Blackwell series :-) (Monkey Island uber alles!)