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Counter-Strike: Source review

The first Counter Strike that I put an appreciable amount of time into. A difficult, compelling multiplayer shooter that gets better when you play it with people you actually know (or get to know).
«Can’t stop playing»
«Better with friends»

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The best part of CS, at least for me. I remember buying a disc of this game back in 2006, but I couldn't install it because I didn't have internet at the time.
At the time the Source engine seemed like something unbelievable. Ragdoll and the physics really hit me after the games where all the items fall according to a written script.
Personally, I like this part for its minimalism. There are no cases and no skins. Just the flight of the Source engine.
«Better with friends»
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Microsoft from Deutsch
Counterstike Source was one of the best Games I was allowed to play at the time. Apart from the well-made hit Boxes and Balance, this Game impresses with a timeless Appealing graphics and an Engine that is still a Milestone to this day and sometimes also an unmatched Benchmark. Not only the regular Cards have made the Game incredibly Fun, but in particular the Variety created by Players has enriched my gaming biography. On surf _ maps you could use the Engine to prove your Skills with tricky Jumps that fly through the Air and shoot. Warcraft mods have allowed you to level a Character and Acquire skills. And Bunnyhop-well, self-explanatory. But By Far the jail Servers (ba _ maps) were by far the Ones, which had a strong Community and were an enormous Amount of fun. In addition, you could pass the Time very well with minigame servers. Particularly outstanding were the zs _ (Zombie Survival) and ze _ (Zombie Escape) servers, where a Zombie Apocalypse broke out on the Server and players either had to survive, or Had to flee. Those who were improved also became Zombie. All in all, CSS was one of the hottest Times, which is still unmatched today. Competative Gaming and CS: GO have put a sad End to this Era, unfortunately. Thanks for just under 800 Hours of Fun! :)
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Microsoft from French
I do not play a lot of FPS, but counter-strike: source is probably one of the best. It is a small game, rather "smart", a minute sufficed for you find online. Okay, after most servers are moced a minimum, so have to wait for the content download to be finished at 100%, with GMOD sauce, but hey, once it's done, it's faster the next few times. In short after loading your server, you are having fun; or you made yourself busted... The game is also quite repetitive... you always use the same weapons, the same tricks, you get stoned by the same players... But! You're hardened. The game system is reliable: it contains a very thoughtful science, ruthless rules to respect absolutely if you hold on to your brains. You will make your hand, you will discover your strengths, your weaknesses, and even those of others!! You will learn under what circumstances a weapon to its qualities, its flaws, against which weapons it has its advantages, and whether it fits you or not. You will also learn to choose your equipment according to what you want to do; to manage complicated situations through communication to your teammates, and even to enemies! The game is nervous, fast, fluid. No need for a gamer PC or a new gear. The number of servers may be more rare at these times, but you will always find good quality; mocks-with wacky completions modes. Or not-like Deathmatch or classic. It must have been 1 year that I uninstalled this game and it pleases me that when I reinstalled it a few weeks ago, my favorite weers and the guys who played in it are always present!! In short, game just great, little game, old game, but especially awesome!! And above all much better than are global offensive successor, stay at the source;)