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Fist of The North Star: Lost Paradise review
by markbass69

Mad Max meets anime meets Yakuza. It's a distillation of Yakuza, warts and all, but in such a way that demonstrates how simple the core mechanics of Yakuza really are. Simple, symmetrical main city, few side activities, one fighting stance, boss fights that just drag on and on and on, inundation of items and crafting, no items to use in fights, empty flat fighting arenas. The stuff that's great is still great: the bartending side activity, pressure point finishers, over the top style, a great boss fights early on. But man that car really doesn't work, too many quests that are cutscene-walk ten feet-cutscene - one late game quest literally has you get in that dumb car and drive across the map to the same spot three times in a row all in an effort to introduce a new tutorial. The idea was there but the execution falls flat. I still enjoyed it very but only really worth it if you're out of Yakuza games to play.