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Final Fantasy VII review
by Cesar Lamelas

SPOILERS AHEAD: Before I actually got to beat this game, I had three underlying problems with it. 1. Sephiroth's constant inclusion. In the original Sephiroth isn't even shown in Midgar and is instead held for the big reveal later in the game, making it much more dramatic. Sephiroth in this game shows up within the first hour. 2. The fact that it is only the midgar section of the original. Now I get it, the original is a big game and it can't all be fit into one game with the level of detail this remake presents us with but, Midgar is such a small percentage of the game it makes you wonder what section of the game will only be included in the next one. How long will this go on? How much will I end up having to pay just to pay what is essentially one game? And 3. There is a lot of fluff parts of the game used to just make the game longer and are extremely boring. Now with all that being said, up until I beat the game I was still enjoying a lot despite these three things. Now after beating the game and witnessing the ending and understanding what is being done with the original, my first two complaints are totally void. This isn't a remake, it's so much more. This Sephiroth is not the same Sephiroth from the original. He has different goals and motivations that we still don't entirely know. I love the new and different direction this game is taking the original. I now know why it's just the midgar section, because this is the most faithful we are going to get to the original and I fucking love that. From here on out it is not a remake, it is just a sequel. All bets are off for the next one and I seriously cannot wait for the next one. This is now one of my favorite games of all time.

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As my first time stepping foot in Midgar Final Fantasy VII Remake not only exceeded my expectations, it became the most enjoyable RPG I've had the privilege of experiencing in years.
although I haven't played the original, this remake feels a great game. however, there were tons of times were the game clearly dragged - be it with slow walking, uneeded routes. finished the game in 21 hours, but feel like it could've been something like 14, if not for those things.
«Sit back and relax»
«OST on repeat»
Amazing experience.

I loved diving deep into this universe. The characters attract you so hard to it. With some time, their future matter to you, and it's pretty natural. The story, eventually, grabs you either. In this case, graphics on PS4 make justice to the acting. So damn beautiful. The OST is on the same level. It just sticks on your head, no matter what.

The gameplay was a little strange to me since I am not used to JRPGs. Even still, since I wanted to advance into the plot so hard, I forced myself to keep going on and eventually understood it.

There are some negative points, like textures in some scenarios, some sections longer than they should be, and more. But since my final experience with it was so good, those points are unimportant. I super recommend it.
Cloud thinks he’s hot shit. A lot of tude in that voice.

First 4 hours are fine but not this amazing game I heard about. The combat seems interesting and the world is cool enough but nothing has wowed me yet and the writing is cheesy. It’s normal for an RPG to take a bit of time to get going so it could easily pick up but as of now I’m not seeing the hype.

It’s pretty slow to start.

6 hours in. It’s fine but I’m not loving it or getting drawn in yet.

Walk here. Listen to slow bad dialogue. Push this button. Fight guys with a simple combat system that doesn’t demand a lot of anything. Walk to a new button to push and repeat. I don’t get why people like this game right now. It’s boring. Story, Gameplay, Progression. None of it is working for me yet.

Why do people love this game! I don’t get it. It’s bad and boring. Have I said this before?

I just fought a house in like a 30 minute fight. It was so long. Holy hell. It was a house.

Now the dance number. This game sucks. I’m baffled why people gave it such good reviews. Baffled.

Don Corneo. Wow what a guy.

This is going for the title “Most Overrated Game of All Time According to Dylan”. It’s an 88 on opencritic. Shadow of The Colossus is the only other game I’d say is more overrate. I really didn’t like it but I can see the appeal at least. But I stand by that SOTC remake is super overrated also.

Okay the combat is growing on me a bit. It’s getting more challenging so I at least have to actually think about what I’m doing.

The story bits about the ancients and the history of the planet was actually pretty cool. The last couple chapters have been better. I think they add too much filler in this game. They are really milking it and there isn’t enough going on in the first 18 or so hours which is a loooong time.

I’ve probably complained a bit too much because I had high expectations for this game and it wasn’t anywhere near them. That being said I think the game takes way too long to get going and they are milking the nostalgia which I don’t have. 

I think I would have enjoyed this game a lot more if they decided to make it into 1 or maybe 2 games not 3 fucking games. The beginning was slow and boring and very much felt like filler. The last few chapters especially when in the Shinra facility have at least been fun and interesting. They throw a talking fire lion thing in there too. 

Boss fights are way too long. I only died once during the final shadow fight because the game still isn’t hard if you mark sure you manage your health but it’s so frustrating to be like 20 mins into a boss fight and then die and have to do the entire thing over again. They need checkpoints mid battle. It’s even set up to have checkpoints since their are always boss transitions at certain points.

Beat it and happy to be done. The final stretch was easily the best part but not good enough to change my opinion by much. Severely overrated game.

Final Score: B
Best game of 2020
«Blew my mind»
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»
I am afraid to admit that I missed FF series when I was a kid. I tried to get into it much later through the ones that are available on PC: FF XII, FF X, but none struck me as hard as this one. The visuals are what mesmerizes you from the start of the game, but the lovable characters and classic plot are what make this game a true Final fantasy.
P.S. Struggle through Intermission to experience true ending of the game.
«Sit back and relax»
Fun, gorgeous, engaging, relevant
Genuinely blew me away with how well they did. Can't wait for future installments.
«Blew my mind»
«Beaten more than once»
I cannot believe this game is actually a real, existing thing. Somehow even better than what I would have made if the job were up to me. Waiting for part 2 is actually causing me physical pain.
«Blew my mind»
I want to be able to play this but I can't for any length of time as it triggers motion sickness in me.
I was able to tweak some settings and calm the player camera down but the over the top camera movement and shaking during cut scenes meant they were unwatchable. What was the director thinking? The long awaited remake and they've made it unplayable for a large number of people. Absolutely gutted.
«Disappointment of the year»
I never played Final Fantasy before and this was absolutely epic. A game of magnificent scope, beautiful graphics, and a compelling narrative, with gameplay that feels good to play. Definitely understand why this franchise is as popular as it is. 
«Just one more turn»
«That ending!»