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Eqo review
by superlifi

Eqo is a short game, about an hour long. Its 2D pixel art visuals, very simple but captivating, are captivating and pretty. The soundtrack is quite pleasant as well, something really outstanding for such a short game. 

The game aims to be eerie and creepy and seems to want to be unpredictable. The foreshawing felt eerie, indeed, and exciting, even if it felt like it were predicting the future of the story. But this is a really short game and there isn't space for great plot twists developed over a long course of time.

It terms of gameplay, I only have to note that the dialogue is sometimes confusing, in which I didn't know whose voice was speaking when the dialogue text appeared. 

I couldn't understand the meaning of the game, but I also liked that I wasn't predicting how it ended, even if it meant I didn't quite understand; I think that might have been the purpose. It was cute, a little eerie and mysterious, and even humorous in such a short time, in a delicate balance of components. I thought it would have been more; but I'm not used to short games (and I thought the game was longer), so, for what it could do in such little time, it was a nice experience.
«Sit back and relax»
«OST on repeat»