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Atom RPG: Trudograd review
by Andrew Byrne

At the time of writing this was still the alpha version so the game is not yet completable. That which is there though, is very good. I loved the first ATOM and they have kept up the quality here. The story continues directly on from the first game and you can even carry over your character if you want. Similar to the original 2 fallout games you find yourself solving quests in the newly emerging societies after nuclear apocalypse - albeit this time you're on the soviet side of things. 
The gameplay is good with your usual RPG specializations (melee, ranged, throwing etc.) and they seem to have made the initial challenges a bit more accessible this time (an early bandit encounter could spell death early on in the first game) - then again that might be because my character from the first game was already leveled up. 
The big strength lies in the writing, the quests are well thought out, with a good mix of drama and humour - I just love exploring the world they've made. From what I understand its a small indie team from Russia making them so I hope more people discover the games and they get to make more, it's always nice to see things being made outside of the big studios.  

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