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Black Mesa review
by PotatoInMyNostril

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While many of us have a soft spot for Half-Life, I'm not gonna lie—it hasn't all aged very well. Black Mesa does a great job upgrading the visuals, audio, and even level design up to a fairly modern standard. However, nothing can really fix the fact that this game often has you trodding through mostly non-interactive environments simply shooting and whacking things. You unfortunately spend most of your time trying to figure out where the next oddly-shaped button is, rather than exploring the spooky, intriguing ruins of Black Mesa.
Gameplay 9/10. Graphics 8/10. Soundtrack 9/10. Storyline 9/10. OVERALL 8.75/10. (A 10.0)
«Blew my mind»
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Microsoft from Deutsch
Early Access Review Half Life was one of the first Games I played on the PC several Years ago. Anyone who has ever dealt with this Game and the passion that COMES with it MUST buy Black Mesa. Black Mesa Source was already a Bombshell Experience when It was released in 2012, but adding it to the community and Early Access has improved an enormous Amount of this Great milestone of the PC Master Race, and it has not yet come to an End. The Graphics are in line with the Standard Nature Of the Source engine and have been beautifully implemented. (I personally hope to update the Source Engine 2 as soon as it is released) The Sounds are just like 1998, only Quality adapted to today's Standard, with the newly added Soundtrack providing goosebumps feel. The Control is also, as with all Source Games, wonderfully adjusted and, if necessary, customizable. The Story was taken over 1:1 and was not changed. Of course, there have been some Revisions (As with the DRESSING of the HEV), but which do not disturb dramatically. I would like to thank the whole Team, who have been working on this Masterpiece for over 11 Years now. You have reproduced me a Piece of my Childhood ♥ Buy it! PS: Xen is comming nous Thank You 10/10
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Early Access Review It was really nice to travel through Black Mesa again after so many Years. Half-Life 1 was one of my first PC Games. I've played through 100 times, searched countless Mods at LAN Parties and had many nice Hours with the Game. I would say that the EUR 10 Is definitely worthwhile. Sure, it's not from the official Developers and is currently still in the "Beta" phase (Early Access). As a Result, there are still a few small Bugs in here and there. But actually nothing that makes playing impossible. I had no Crashes, except for a single Time. It runs fluidly, looks great and is modeled after the Original almost 1:1. The only Bugs I had were that with me the Hand Grenades were sometimes invisible and sometimes the Rocket that is in the Front of the Rocket Launcher was invisible. Plus, it was a bit fiddly to fight with this Gargantua later (this giant monster shooting fire from its Hands-to-claw/scissors), where you have to kill the Gargantua with the Airstrike, as well as tear a Hole in the Wall. This is where you serve this Panel and that's not quite mature yet. But otherwise, there is no Cause for Complaint. I hope that soon the Xen World will finally be patched up, which is still missing. And it would be really nice if the Co-op Mode actually still comes.