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Godus review
by SP

Laggy, no supported anymore.
«Buggy as hell»
«Disappointment of the year»
«Waste of time»

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Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Early Access Review At The current Stage, one can only say: Hands off Godus. With one of the last Patches, the highly interesting strategy game became a caustic dull wait. The Reason: The Release of the Game on iOS. On the mobile Devices, Players have come to terms with waiting hours for a new House to be finished or for a Field to finally bear Fruit. The Mechanics also exist with the Godus-PC version and destroy every Fun game. The first two, three Hours are great, you create your Civillization and slowly expand. Then, however, there are a few Factors that are simply pointless: 1. In Addition to the Faith that each Hut generates, you now need Grain for new Huts. Unfortunately, this only exists in Fields that are only created by Cities, but a maximum of three Farmers per City. A Unit of Grain now takes about 1 Hour to Flourish and you need 2 per new Hut. With a lot of Faith you can accelerate growth by means of rain power, but then you wait a long time for a new Faith ... 2. The Astari are at play as hostile People. If the Followers there are happier than Your Subjects, they migrate to the Enemy. Regularly. How could counterway? With the Construction of Wells. These, however, cost Diamonds. In order to obtain Diamonds in the PC version, one must sacrifice Subjects, which again makes others unhappy. In short, In order not to lose Citizens, you need Wells, but they make sure that you lose Citizens. Thus, these are virtually obsolete and the whole Game Mechanics are useless. The reshuze has an Impact on the whole Game, which simply generates a Lot of Frustration. Bih. The Only Hope would be a View on the Part of 22Cans and a Patch. Because the Basic Mechanics of the Game are great.
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Microsoft from Italian
Very nice, simple but well exploited graphics, interesting gameplay but after a while monotonous. I honestly thought I could develop various types of farming and even farming because as we can well see there are sheep on the screens in the store. I also find interesting the second world and the civilization of the astagari but surely it could be done better introducing new civilizations to face or to destroy and maybe in the future to introduce a diplomatic panel with all the civilizations that we will be able to meet, of the ports to trade similar to that of the missions of the sea, to create alliances and why not add the online that would give a boost in the market, in my opinion, incredible and would start to have many users. However I like the game online, of course the third time I install it because over the years due to playing it became monotonous, especially after having almost finished the second world, but it remains a good game certainly should be improved and advertised P.S .: A lover of strategic games and city building
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Microsoft from Deutsch
Actually not a bad game. But unfortunately not properly thought out. Other reviews write about too much advertising. I can not confirm that. The basic idea is really successful. Thanks to the different layers you can shape the world as you like. However, if you want to build a mountain village and have to pull 15 layers over a large area, then knows why it is not fun. I find it particularly negative that you have to click on each building individually to collect the currency Faith. That's no fun at all if you have more than 100 buildings and you have them really fast. The seemingly random boxes come in places where you can break down impossible. Excavated treasure temples can not be set up and activated. Yes and last but not least the graphics. Since anno already worked much better in the first version. A little more love in detail would be nice. So unfortunately only 1 star. P.'s expensive, the game really is not. I've been playing for 3 weeks now and ended up without spending a penny. Whoever proposed the game as the best app store game of the year in 2014 probably did not really play it. Playing for 3 weeks and then reaching the end is also a bit short.