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Sniper Elite 4 review
by xXWoodinatorXx

Not a strong start. Graphics are horrible which I will just say once and get it out of the way. Graphics don’t need to be great, they are a bonus not a necessity. But these are very bad and the art design is very boring when it really shouldn’t be.

My biggest complaint though, and I don’t know if it will get any better, is that the gameplay feels awful. The character movement is so stiff and he crouch walks sooo slow. The shooting with the other guns is awful. The only thing I like about the game to begin is the kill cams are fun and it’s been a bit fun trying to figure out how to hit shots without the breathe in feature, but I have been quite bad so far as well.

I was hoping for a sneaky sniping campaign that has some great snipes but I don’t think that’s going to be the case. We will see how much more of a shot I give it.

The rpg mechanics seem very limited and basic. The weapon upgrades and character perks are few and boring.

I can’t bring myself to waste any more time on this game. It didn’t tease anything that convinced me I would get any enjoyment. I gave it a chance but there are too many other good games out there to waste time on this.

Final Score: B-

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It was a good game to play.
«Can’t stop playing»
«That ending!»
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Rebellion... Should I hate or love you? I played Sniper Elite 3 ... I had never experienced so many Crashes. I was stinksauer on you, wrote a Recession and swore to you, "Part 4??? Not in Life! " A Mistake! At €20, you can try esn again. You have improved enormously! Meanwhile I have played through 70% (By The way very comfortable on normal!. Per Mission About 2-3 Hours) and am thrilled! That Thing just makes you feel Good. Adrinalin pure! I am my own Master and can play through the Missions as I want. Thank you for that. The AI: Has been easily buried and I can now climb or just hang on a Parapet to escape the attentive Soldiers. The Voice of Gerald the Master Thief (Just Google it!) fits great. Unfortunately, there is very little talk. You have to do something about the Graphics engine, but it still works relatively well, but is no longer up-to-date. Rebellion: If you were finally to license a new Graphics Engine, I'm guaranteed to be there for the next Part. The Fact is: If You have Buck on Adrinalin And sneak, this Title is definitely a clear Mandatory Title for you. The Operation is kept quite simple. After a short Period of play, you are fully urgent. Likewise, the Co Op Mode is a great Thing for Buddies who want to make it rock properly. Graphic: Satisfying Sound: Very good Atmusphäre: Very good Tension: Very good Operation: Very good story: Satisfying Technique: Very good. Not a single Crash.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Sniper Elite has become a really good Sniper/stealth shooter and has improved significantly compared to Part 3. -The Cards are really big, beautifully designed (plays in Southern Italy) and offer many different Approaches to Experimentation: I play very carefully and sneaky, first of all everything, etc., since you can easily spend several Hours with a Mission (as "Rambo" Usually doesn't get far ...). -You can now save both freely and quickly. Super Quick Load, Game is almost right back at the Start. The Game also runs very round technically. -the Co-op mode makes a real Mood and works great (here, too, the Host can save at any time). -the Opponents are smarter and more aggressive-when you have been discovered, it quickly gets heated. -there are now Subsonic Ammunition etc., and the Grenades, Mines, Stumbling Blocks usually have two Settings (E.g. at a Mine that only goes high at the second Contact)-is, in my Opinion, suitable for Beginners as Well as professionals: As a Beginner you have Target Aids and Markings etc., on Hardcore (quite realistic Weapon behavior) then nix more (whether it is still too easy, others have to judge)-the kill cam is either cool, disgusting or (after a Time) boring: You can switch it on and off, Not a Criticism for me, therefore. -you can criticize: The Story and Dialogues (the Author was probably Kli Schee), somewhat monotonous opponents, rudimentary skill tree (well) For me currently the best sniper shooter.