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Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 review
by Petrucci

Nice fighting game in handheld format. One of the rare good games in Vita library.

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Translated by
Microsoft from Spain
I Remember when Capcom announced in April 2010 the MvC3 and when it came out in 2011 left out the Pc version. Then He said he would have "very good news" for the MvC followers and the Comic Con June 2011 Ad El UMvC3... And I'm going to leave the PC out again. Already with Marvel bought by Disney, they revoked the rights that Capcom had about the Marvel games, and who would think that this game would someday come to PC? But Here we are, analyzing the product. About The game itself:-PROS: * The port is very good, there are no fps (at least to me) and at all times is fluent, but you have to bear in mind that it is a game of 2011 and that your engine MT Framework always funcionio fluid in PC , if it didn't work well it was to kill them. A shame that does not have the system of Chrome, would be good to have funds of this game in the profile. * Great variety of characters: 51 in total, 25 Capcom, 26 Marvel (including the boss, which we can handle in a special way). Yes, it is true that some are missing as Venom, Gambit, Cyclops, etc. of the "old school", but hey, let's take into account the number of new characters that came from previous deliveries and worked from 0, leaving aside the old Sprites. * Simple Combat System in the approach, but that acquires complexity to "dominate". It'S an "art" of combos. There Are 3 attack buttons: weak, medium and strong, another Special and 2 mate buttons. At first I thought that only 3 buttons were scarce but not, the truth that meet and help to make the game enjoyable for people who play casually and dynamic. The fights are dynamic, fast and varied, not only by the variety of characters, but also by the various playable mechanics. * It Is remarkable that each character has his musical theme, each one reflecting his style and most very good. * Graphic and artistically very good, the game aged and will age VERY well. -CONS: * Few modes for one player/offline. It Can be absurd to ask a story mode to a game like this when their previous deliveries do not have, but had been good something MK IX style (which is the story mode I liked most in a game of fights). * The online... Not that they have the fighting games, but the online part always ends up not accompanying the quality of the game itself. I played a couple of games with people from Brazil, most with quite lag, but not at the end of the MK IX that was unplayable, but clearly could be better. Also would have appreciated an optional crossplay with PS4 and/or XONE, as in SF V, for the player base is bigger, * Only geek, would have been good to put Silver Surfer as semi-final to Galactus, but good:P RECOMMENDED!!! Especially if you were waiting for this game 6 years ago like me, if you spare the money and/or if you like fighting games. If you play casually to this type of games or doubt a lot of buying it, expect an offer, but surely you end up liking. 15/05/17: I repeat again, RECOMMENDED! And The music is the best, that each fighter has his own musical theme and that mostly reflects what the character is, is a GREAT detail (Just listen to the themes of Dante, Ghost Rider, She-Hulk, Super Skrull or Wesker to realize what I say). ;)