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Rayman review
by hunterinmoscow

I'll start with the positives.
The visuals are amazing. It's just so vibrant with colour and personality. Rayman really does have an identity to call its own. Not to mention the soundtrack being some top quality shit! The boss levels are a load of fun too with loads of creative ideas. It's easy to see how this game did as well as it did!

Now, a lot of people remember this game when Rayman is brought up. Yes, the sequels are better but this one is obviously more recognisable. However, this has aged SO poorly.

Rayman isn't exactly the most fun to control. He's a very stiff character to manoeuvre, not to mention he isn't exactly the most agile character either. Now I don't think Ubisoft knew that because the difficulty takes a MASSIVE slope upwards. Some of the platforming here is just way too tight for a game like this with, at times, platforms that you can just barely reach. There's one level in the Band World where you have to jump around a bunch of slippery platforms that get extremely short. In fact, the later levels play like a fucking ROM hack in places. The amount of trial and error on here is ridiculous!

I find this hard to recommend sadly. I know a lot of people consider this a PlayStation classic but I this doesn't really grab my attention.

This game was also never play-tested. Figures...