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The Walking Dead: Michonne review
by AssassinGlasgow

If TWD Season 3 was Diet Coke, this game is watered down Diet Coke. It's a Telltale Walking Dead game and it plays like one, but what it brings to the table is not as impactful as it probably could have been.

I picked this up because I really like Michonne as a character, and it was really cool to see her as the protagonist of her own story. She, herself, is a fine character, with her own struggles with PTSD and anxiety over her family a strong spectre that looms over her in every episode. I wish I could say that she wasn't the only character with great characterization but...unfortunately, she is. The ones that surround her are either not given enough development time or are written in a one-note manner that it doesn't make the story engaging to play through, especially in the second episode of the series. While the third episode is an improvement for the slow middle section, the overall story doesn't have many impactful choices except for one in episode 3, and I think it has to do with the fact that this story - and Michonne's character - are railroaded by the constraints of her being a preexisting character and it existing between two volumes of the comic series.

Gameplay and art-wise, all is similar to previous Telltale installments, so there isn't much to comment there. This is a miniseries between season 2 and 3 and thus seems to be a hybrid of the two in terms of art and action mechanics. Voice acting is generally decent, with Michonne's VA doing the best job.

As a miniseries, it is bite-sized, which makes the length an advantage. However, I don't believe this is worth it even then, and I think your time and money are better spent elsewhere on a stronger episodic game.


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Great adventure game! The story of Clementine,Lee, AJ and Michonne very well written and perfectly developed. Many many feelings about this one. My only advise, PLAY IT!