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Child of Light review
by AssassinGlasgow

This game carries its own little charm. Artistically, it calls back to the watercolour art of fairy tale books. Looking at it is incredibly nostalgic, since I used to read books like this as a child. Even the narrative is reminiscent of the best of fairy tale tropes, though the game manages to sneak in its own details and wit that keep the story feeling fresh and light. Even the characters are unique, with our heroine Aurora experiencing a coming of age story but still retaining a spunky attitude.

The best thing this game has to offer is the absolutely fantastic musical score that helps to create the atmosphere of Lemuria. The songs are emotional, they can be light, and they can be dark, all accentuating points throughout the game. And nothing is as good as the amazing boss battle music, with a male choir singing as you slice your way through hordes of monsters.

The turn based system was really interesting to see, and I really enjoyed how they implemented it into the game. The twist with the turn based mechanic is a sort of "wait" or "charge up" time, and it adds another layer of strategy in that you want to stagger your opponent and prevent them from doing the same to you.

A slight downside is that, at least for me, I had a challenging time with bosses while playing casually (though it could just be the fact that I don't play many turn based games often and so suck). Also, while Aurora and several other characters are 3D models, her allies are not, which can be a little jarring but not enough to inconvenience the game. I do think they should have developed models that looked at least a little bit different or accurate to their drawn portraits.

Overall, Child of Light is a lovely game, and something you should check out when you can.


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Yes, the Franzmen of Uwi-, uh, of course, I mean Ubisoft. Ironiemodus = to NIX KNOW THE RIGHT MACHEN! GAR NIX! Far Cry 4-Far Cry 3 with Bergen AC Unity-Underground Performance, Itemshop Inside?!? Watch Dogs-the Would-be GTA with the most unsympathetic Game character ever Ironiemodus = From and then such a little Indigameche comes out, as it looks more like it's the Ideal For the just pubescent Sister. Far from it: Right in advance-The Thing is Fun! I hadn't read Much beforehand about Child of Light. The Screenshots looked like the xten 2D jump. For just under seven Euros you can't do anything wrong, I thought, because the Evaluations of various Specialist Magazines went through the Ceiling. The 2.5 GB were fixed down and already the first Surprise at the Start of The game: Speech is only available in the Intro, after Which it continues in Text form. There are then only conversations between the Protagonists in Rhymes. I didn't like it personally. Some Characters "berliners" even. The Story is so inconsequential that I certainly don't know exactly what it's all about now. But it was already with Meckers. I come across a small Fireflies relatively shortly after the Start of The game, the Name of which is so complicated that I have already forgotten it again, which can also be controlled with the right Analog stick. In Coop Mode, someone is allowed to control the little Girl, the other takes with the Cattle. This has the Ability to confirm certain Switches in order to open Doors, or to heal us in Battle, or to dazzle other Enemies. The Fights are triggered as soon as I touch an Opponent in the Levels. Then you are chirped on a second Screen, where you start against mostly two to three Fiesunks in a round. Various Intermediate and Final Opponents await us in the course Of the game. Our Protagonist meets many OF the NPC in the Course of the Game, some of whom join her and then take part in the Fights. After successful Fights, our Comrades-in-arms rise in Rank. With each Ascent, we are allowed to distribute Experience points of the various NPC on a three-part Skilltree. In addition, there is the Possibility to collect so-called Ocultis (Diamonds of different Colors and Sizes) These can be crafting via a Production Menu to larger Diamonds in different Combinations, which give our little Heroine further Bonuses. You can already realise-it's all in this little Gem. If you include the six or seven Side Missions, I had just under 10 Hours of Fun with Child of Light. If you are not deterred by the pastel-colored Look of The Game and the strange Narrative style in Rhyming form (in The further Course of the Game there are still various Sections to be seen, where my Mouth was wide open), you really get a nice Piece of Software with the CoL, which Suits magnificently! Chapeau, Uwisoft!