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Final Fantasy XV: Episode Prompto review
by patjans5

As a huge fan of the main game, and a fan of Prompto, I really didn't care too much for this DLC. Compared to episode Gladiolus, short and sweet, does a ton for his character arc, and is fun to play, I don't think Episode Prompto is any of those things. 

Taking place around episode 12, you play as Prompto as he gets separated by his friends, and fights to escape imperial imprisonment. As far as Prompto's character arc, I thought they did a good job with it in the main game, it didn't really have to be explored. If they did explore it, I wanted it to be as tragic and emotional as it was portrayed at first, but it just wasn't. You do get help from Aranea, which I believe is one of the most tragically underutilized characters in the game, so that's cool.

Gameplay-wise Episode Prompto utilizes third person shooter elements, something that I enjoyed at first, even though it felt really clunky. Eventually though, as enemies appeared, it's stopped being fun, to the point that all the optional side missions I just didn't do. Enemies were dumb, and overall it felt weird. 

I just felt like this DLC missed the mark. If you're interested in Prompto's backstory, it's worth a playthrough. But I think I'd skip it upon replaying the game. 

Rating: 5/10

Played on PS4

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Prompto was my least favorite character of the main crew in FFXV, I liked him but I think that they didn't handle his backstory that well, in this episode they have the opportunity to show us more of the character's true feelings and motivations and still, I don't quite like "gritty" Prompto, his character feel cliche and other aspects which at least for me are more interesting weren't used that much.

The gameplay is another issue, it feels empty, your shots don't have weight and also your movement feels clumsy, it sure feels like a game that wasn't meant to be played as a TPS. Now, I don't hate this DLC, as someone who really likes the base game (a game which has its fair trade of negative opinions) I didn't feel bored but I sure wasn't that bothered either.