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Yi and the Thousand Moons review
by Adamnix

I often find myself in the need for a game that can provide for a quick and easy escape at the end of the day. The issue is that there is a certain amount of ramp-up time to get into the groove of a game, especially if it is one you haven't played before. Yi and the Thousand Moons, written and developed by David Su, is a perfect example of a game that succeeds in providing a short, concise, and innovation experience. Through an interactive musical that feels much like a bed time story, I had a fantastic and relaxing time delving into this beautiful experience.

You play as Yi, an archer tasked by the gods with shooting down the moonsin the sky in order to save the world from darkness. Although the gods have asked her to do this, local villagers are worried about the resulting stardust that will hurt their home.

You play as Yi who begins to shoot down the moons abd the musical kicks in. It is impressive to see a musical in this format work so well, seeing as the pacing of the game and movement is completely up to the player. The music itself is built in a way to last as player's decide to streamline the game or take time to explore and appreciate the environment.

 The low-poly graphics provide for a movement of the mouth as each character sings. At some points in the game, I would move my camera angle to provide for cinematic shots of Yi singing, surrounded by a world slowly being destroyed. It is amazing that this game was able to capture the grand feeling musicals try to portray.

 The game itself takes about 20 minutes to play. Although the mechanics are nothing too innovative, there is something to say about being able to pick up this game and understand it in less than 5 minutes. These mechanics focus the player on seeing and appreciating their surroundings. From a volcano errupting in the background as you walk towards the village to moons falling from the sky after shooting a single arrow, these game is jam packed with picturesque moments.

This short, simple game accomplished so much in 20 minutes. It captures the grandiose feeling musicals provide without trying to mimic the medium. It is its own, unique experience that id recommend to anyone looking for a short escape.
«Sit back and relax»
«OST on repeat»

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A short hybrid between a walking simulator and a musical show. While the songs are superb (I really thought I was in a musical) and the story, no doubt inspired by a Chinese legend, is very good, the art style put me off a bit, there's a great lack of "gameplay", and its very short life span made me regret my purchase a bit. Yes, the game is completed in 20 minutes. Even if I bought the game + the dlc at half price, I found it too expensive. On the other hand, achievements are easy to get and I still had a great time with Yi. I leave the blue thumb, but I advise to take the game when he gets a big discount. UPDATE : I had bought the game before the price went down to CDN$ 3.39
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Microsoft from Russian
Product received for free Yi and the Thousand Moons did not come out the perfect game. But thanks to the work of David so, fans of personal experiences and many significant parables will be able to plunge into discussions and disputes among themselves about what the author had in mind, saying that the sky is dark. We tried an interesting experience of a musical game, the tracks of which you want to listen to repeat for a long time after passing. We Looked at a pleasant and at the same time strange picture. But the game itself in Yi and the Thousand Moons was not enough. So is it worth spending money and paying attention to it in the large expanse of indie games? I Think so, but not everyone. It is not so much a game as a subject for dialogue with itself and the author, implying a Rewalkthrough for a better understanding of the project idea. Those who have already heard enough parables and beautiful compositions, perhaps, should not pay attention to Yi and the Thousand Moons. Read MORE:
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Microsoft from Russian
Yi and the Thousand Moons is a musical adventure. The Game is more like a music video, in which we have a minimum of action. Go back and forth, shoot a bow and enjoy great music. That's actually it. The Game is very short, but it absolutely does not mean that it is bad. You Just need to treat it not as a game, but as a work of art. The Graphics in the game is so-so, but the emphasis is not on the visual beauty, although even with such a scanty graphical interface is something to see. The Whole essence of the game is in the music story. I will Not reveal the plot, the game is too short to give any spoilers. I can add a bit of criticism, the game is quite a few bugs-a failure in the texture, hung character, incorrect display of objects, etc. But this does not in any way spoil the overall picture, although it catches the eye. The Game is suitable to relax and escape from cruelty and violence. Are you tired of crumbling monsters right and left? Then Welcome to the futuristic experimental music quest. I Recommend absolutely to all players, the gameplay in the game is only 20 minutes, but during this time you will get a lot of positive emotions. Read more quality reviews in the TOP Review group Subscribe to curators
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Microsoft from French
Short experience of barely 20 minutes that does not actually offer a playful dimension but that invites us in a kind of interactive clip. A touching story is told in song thanks to the charming voices of Dominique star, Laila Smith and their friends. To advise against those who have high expectations in terms of graphics and animations or who only want a demanding gameplay. This is not a game, there is strictly no difficulty and our contribution is essentially to move a character between two verses. The full price seems like an excessive hair. It may be interesting to those who want to discover this particular artistic approach and to be carried by the music, the songs and the ambiance (especially since French subtitles are available). I enjoyed the voices and the style of music and I would like to discover in the future a longer suite, with several songs and a more elaborate story. I even think there is an interesting idea to dig for artists who would like to present their music in a different way. So I almost feel like I didn't pay quite a lot (-80%) to encourage these artists to eventually renew the experience. So I compensate by assigning them a blue thumb.