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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive review
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Counter strike. Many gamers know this name, it was a game that had once conquered the twitch page along with Dota 2. 

Now I may not list counter strike as an exceptional game, but it doesn’t mean you should play it, especially now that it’s free. The only reason I wouldn’t recommended playing this game, is because of the toxicity and hackers in the game. It is literally crazy and I doubt a new player would actually survive playing it now in 2020. But anyways into the good stuff. The game is actually really fun and very tactical, especially with friends. It actually has a very intriguing shooting system, on how every gun has its own unique shooting pattern. And it also isn’t your typical cod where you can slide and get kills, oh no, it’s much more challenging. In order for you to get as little bullet spread as possible you are going to have to actually crouch while shooting. Wired right, well in a sense yeah... but this is what makes the game so beautiful. If you look at esports for example, most of them have to actually work in teams, in order to either defend the bombs as terrorists, or defuse it as counter terrorists. This is where many tactical plays come in, and the game is also very aim reliant. If you miss even one bullet that could cost you the match.

Needless to say, if your looking for something new (ironic) try counter strike. It will test your nerves tho, especially as a new player.
«Better with friends»

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so-so (generally ok, but there are some fundamental problems)
I don't need any cases or skins. For me, «CS:GO» it's «Counter Strike: Source» on maxes. Faster flight, more varied gameplay.
«Can’t stop playing»
I'm not a fan of multiplayer FPS in general, but I've had fun playing single-player FPS's earlier so I thought this FTP multiplayer FPS would be a good place to start to expand my horizon.  I was surprised to find myself in the minority in that I not only didn't get addicted to this game but found it boring enough that I uninstalled after a few hours of play.

I appreciate that it's probably just disinterest in the genre rather than any issue with the game itself that is driving that, but I found most of the game modes to be relatively interchangeable.  Reading up on online strategy, it seems like there's a bit of player psychology to work out but most of the rest of the skill-building that takes place is just improving the same set of skill mechanics over a large number of games.  Again, I get that this is just an aesthetic thing on my end, but there doesn't seem to be as much variety in gameplay as there is in the battle royale genre, the open-world survival games, or in some of the class-based battle or shooting games.  There's no world-building, storyline, and even the aesthetics of the battle areas don't really have anything to do with gameplay.  The music is completely forgettable, and the graphics are fine but no longer anything unprecedented for a multiplayer game of this scope.

It's free-to-play so I wouldn't have any objections to someone trying it, but overall I had trouble getting a sense of what the fuss was about.  (That has not been true for me historically for Valve F2P multiplayer games, since I ended up putting like 100 hours into Dota my first month of playing).  That said, I really did not get the appeal at all, so I can't say that I recommend it.
«Waste of time»
«Better with friends»
«Blew my mind»
«Just one more turn»
Overall 7.3 / 10

Gameplay 6.5 / 10
Story  N/A 
Visuals 6 / 10
Length 10 / 10
Enjoyment 7 / 10
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Have you always Wanted to beat yourself verbally with strangers? Have you always Wanted to know how many 12 Year olds have driven it with your Mother? Welcome to CS: GO! Here you will learn Russian Within a few Weeks and can make the Top 100 Insults in any Language. Within a few Games you can find more Insults in Russian than in your Native Language. Anyone who thinks they are tearing something in this Game is very wrong. Conflicts are solved by Team kills and if that is not enough, another "Nazi, ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥" comes behind. If one is Lagging behind in the first Quarter of the MM, the first Team mate will leave the Game. Ok, now seriously. With almost 1000h Of Game time, I've already experienced quite a bit in this Game and some Experience of how a Standard Matchmaking works. Teams: When the last funny Being presses "Accept" At the last Second, the Teams are chosen. These usually look like this: 1. You 2nd Russian 1 3rd Russian 2 4th Russian 3 5. Russian Spouse Once then a "Cy * a" Said in voice chat, if it is used at all, you already know "another fu * king russian in our team ..." Since this is a Team-based game, Eastern Europeans naturally recognize that English is a No-Go. So you can then disable the Voice Chat. With a bit of Luck you also have a competent Player in the Team, but otherwise it says: Keep Dictionary ready. Gameplay: Since the Game is very realistic, (I am also in Afghanistan and die due to a Decoy, easy!), of course, the Gameplay must also be built up accordingly. While the RPG is not available as a Weapon, any other Weapon takes over this Job with Flying colours. If you stand behind your Opponent and shoot your whole Magazine because not a single Shot hit and then moved a Millimeter, it greets you with a 180 ° MLG rotation that he still performs in the Jump. What happens? You get into the Fresco that you simply chill in the Corner and if necessary your Keyboard, mouse, Headset or even your Monitor Breaks. Then there is the AWP. If you can handle this Weapon, the deadliest weapon you can hold in your Hand. However, hardly anyone can do it and yet everyone gets this Weapon. Why? To then lose them again because not a single Shot hit. Rank System: Anyone who thinks that thanks to the Rank system, you only play with equal times, you're very wrong here, too. Because many Weeks after a CS: GO sale, it's just teeming with Hackers and I don't even want to talk about Smurfs. Then comes this Prime Matchmaking, a pointless button that fulfills its functions here as well ... Skins: Skins are the Key to Success. If you think you're better with Embellishments, you can walk right through the Door and play Call of Duty. If you don't have Skins you are poor, a Hacker or a Smurf. If you have Skins, you are a 12 Year old Lucky child who has made €500 through 3 Boxes and thus indicates like a Victim. If you have a Knife you are the King Of the pile of Dust. To purchase Skins, there are two Options here again: 1. Buy the few Pixels for incredible Sums via the Market 2. Buy you Key, FOR 2.30€ OR MORE, and open Boxes where in 80% of Cases there is a Profit of-98%. 3. Use your Parents ' Credit card-they will rejoice. Verdict: If you play the Game to have Fun, you can't go wrong with anything here. But Whoever also plays to win in The Competition should look for a full Lobby with Friends before playing before starting the Game. If you don't have a lust and want to play at a higher Level then sign up for ESEA or FaceIt. A good alternative to avoid the Hackers (ACHTING! Also play there Professionals who have it, yes ... Really can ...) Always Remember: CS: GO is like Roulette, funny until it gets Russian.