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Resident Evil (2002) review
by tuckerpoikonen

The mansion is one of my favorite environments in all of gaming. A perfectly designed level. It’s essentially just a bunch of “go get the key to open the door puzzles” but there’s enough variation on that idea that it doesn’t get stale.

People like to call games cinematic when they really mean it looks cool and good. This is one of the few games where the term totally fits. With the fixed camera angles, this game is actually built on the visual language of film. Mikami is able to control everything you see on screen, no matter where you are. And he uses that control to sustain endless tension. I was a little thrown by the controls/camera at first, but I eventually fell in love with it. 

Jill is rad, and it’s great that she’s basically not sexualized at all. Her outfit makes sense and she’s good at her job. I wish I could say the same about Rebecca. Jill’s campaign was a lot more fun that Chris’ IMO.

It’s cool that this is a zombie game about scary corporatists.

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