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Mutant Mudds Deluxe review
by Kaimynas

This game is dedicated to those who still like pixel art and 2d games, but it's not innovating genre in any way, it's straightforward and simple. It's a good example of how to redesign old ideas without adding much innovation, but still ending up being a fun experience. It has all the necessary old-school components: good chiptune soundtrack, pixel art graphics, and retro game feel.

Though it's not without faults either, my 3 biggest gripes with it are:

1. No bosses at all in the game which is strange considering it's a huge part of any 2d retro game
2. Your water jetpack takes some time to get used to.
3. And the main one, the ability to jump to a background or a foreground, you can do that only in couple places in the level where the game lets you, but this mechanic is implemented badly. Most of the times when you are in the background, enemies from the foreground blocks your way and it's hard to navigate. It's not necessary to see them at all, as when you jump to a different plain, usually, you can't go back. 

It's not a good game, it's not bad either, it runs somewhere in the middle, so know that before starting it.

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Translated by
Microsoft from French
Mutant Mudds is a platformer that incorporates all the codes of the old 16-bit games. You control Max who, after learning the news of a mutant invasion on his grandmother's TV, by the adventuire to clean up with his water cannon. The game is filled with short levels with increasing difficulty, with only a story intro and "phrases of felications" of the grandmother when you complete part of the game... and honestly it's super cool! It also makes many references to the universe CGA, GB and VB around its bonus levels. I really enjoyed playing this game. It is simple and effective! Old-school graphics (retro 2D style "pixel"), are very well done and not unpleasant at all. The music is nice and consistent with the game, without being whew either. The game design is strongly inspired by Mario (normal is the reference of the genre). On the other hand the gameplay is radically different, we have a Jetpack and a "water cannon" in + "standard" jumps. In fact the gameplay is clean: this game is played only with a directional cross, a jump button and a shooting button (combo cross + 2 buttons that we know well), which ensures a quick and easy grip. The game separates into "4 part", which assures it a long lifespan: the main story that consists to clean up the "known world" of the wicked mutant vilans. It is composed of 20 levels and 2000 pieces to pick up (100 per level). Completing a level saves you a "water Star". The parts will allow you to unlock improvements for your equipment (but you will only be able to choose one at a time): improvement of the water cannon for 800 parts improvement of the Jetpack for 1200 parts Possibibility of propelling verticalem ENT it takes about 4H of play to finish, time to familiarize yourself with the gameplay. If you decide to continue, you can search the "bonus" levels in each level (visible by a "door") to earn 20 additional water stars (1 bonus level per normal level). With 40 water star and 2000 pieces, you will unlock "Grannie". About 3h to finish. With Grannie, you will have access to 20 new levels, always scattered in those of the main story (1 per level "standard"). Indeed, Grannie owns the 3 upgrades at the same time! It can therefore access areas previously inaccessible for Max. These levels are required to complete the Grannie "mudds" token collection (and nothing else). You will unlock one at the end of each level. About 3h too. Finally, there remain the 20 levels "mirrors" which are a more hardcore version of the starting levels, where enemies are transformed into invincible (or almost) phantom. Still here, there are 20 stars of water to collect and 2000 coins to collect (although useless). About 3h too. To summarize, this makes 80 levels to complete and 4000 pieces to collect, for about 13H (intense) play. This is quite acceptable for a game at €10. A very very good game for those who like platform games, or who are nostalgic of old 2D games well retro. I highly recommend, with or without promo!