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Plants vs. Zombies review
by Petrucci

Well, everybody knows this game - Braaaains.

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Translated by
Microsoft from Swedish
Its sad that you have to dig up an old PC game ported to iOS to find a decent mobile game, not riddled with in-app purchases and general pennysqueezing. Its even sadder that EA has gone back and ruined said game by filling it with exactly that sort of anti-consumer moneygrubbing schemes. I bought the ad-free upgrade, because hey, I can see how letting people play the game but with the experience and very brand of the game ruined by ads might be something that someone, somewhere could approve as a trial period thing. Id rather pay five dollars than have my time wasted, though. But lo and behold, even after youve bought the ad free version of the game, every single game you start, youll have blinking buttons flying around the screen asking if you value your time so incredibly little that youll spend a minute watching an ad in exchange for what amounts to a limited-use cheat code. And they wont go away until you click and dismiss them. Every. Single. Game. Will be asking for a refund. EA hates their consumers and the feeling is mutual.