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Resident Evil Revelations 2 / Biohazard Revelations 2 review
by Petrucci

Very good Resident Evil franchise entry - might not be a classic as RE4 but much better than RE6 for sure. And can be played in assymetrical co-op which is nice.

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Microsoft from Deutsch
So, after 3 1/2 Hours Of Revelation 2 my Review! EDIT on 12.3.2015 BITTE did not immediately rate my Review as negative:( First Read, then judge! Thank you:) I will NOT go into ANY other whether positive or negative Review it. It's MY own Review! For me as an RE fan since 1997!, who has also played "almost" all the parts several Times (Except the Wii parts), it was of course a Must buy RE R2. I bought the box set for £40s' right away. It is also completely a Sausage to Me, whether expensive or not. EY, hello? We're talking about Resident Evil! Yes, many Parts are shitty, it's no longer a Horror da blah blah blah ... I like to support the Developers so RE doesn't die out! The RE parts are not allowed to drive only the same Rail All the time ... That would be like eating Pasta with Tomato sauce every Day-at Some point, you couldn't see it anymore and need something new. To Episode 1 (All Other Episodes Weekly) I also think RE R2 has a great Start. 2 small Chapters with 4 different Characters (2 of them VERY known to the Fans) Unfortunately, there was no Horror Factor for me, but only tension was present. (Or I'm too old for that:D) In the 2nd Chapter (This is what I call this) came a small "sneak" action, but this has nothing of significance. But sometimes a little variety, because you can knock out Opponents from behind immediately:D Unfortunately, dodging doesn't work out the way I always hoped ... The one has hewn on some-.-What I also think is good is that you can also play in the Co-op and you have to help each other. For example, Moira does not have a Firearm, but a Crowbar:D (Whether the Co-op works, however, I don't know, because I played alone) Natalia (I sincerely:D) is a Child and can see ducked Opponents through Walls and at certain Opponents Vulnerabilities:) The Creep through the dark Forest was very well done, but for me not a grusle Factor! Barry and Claire are actually well designed:) Many years have passed, so no more Fountains of Youth:P Puzzles were no longer present ... What I thought was a great pity:( Mostly only "Run after A-turn on electricity, go through B-run away:D Meesome Episode 2 All Episodes are divided into 2 Parts! Even in the first you realize that when you play the "Barry" Part, that 6 Months have passed! You go almost identical Ways, as with Claire and Moira! Was actually great, but unfortunately again far too short. No Sooner was I in the middle of it, so it was already Over. Barry'S Part added more sneak reactions + invisible Enemies that could be located with Natalia. Both Parts included "small" mini bosses, who didn't represent a major Obstacle either. All over? Quite good:D Sequences were only Beginning and End. In Between, somehow not. I also lack RE ... The Sequences in between. Episode 3 & 4 To NOT give so much away and NO call you a Spoiler! -Episode 3 is my Favorite:)-Episode 4 is unfortunately too short for an End, BUT the End is horny. -More I don't need To say xD Raid mode: After very many Hours of Raiding and Hunk level 53 I can say that this is the hottest Raid Mode:D Once started, you can hardly stop! Soooo many Levels! Opponent from RE6 & Revelation 1! Unfortunately, to this day, the raid leaderboard doesn't really work. You only see what Place you are. But trz! Level, Farm and keep reequipping his Weapons! So Far, I don't even have all the Levels free:D Edit Raid Mode Addendum from 22.3.2015:-Hunk Level 90 +, and others so 10-40-FAST all Levels free ... After the Raid, NOCH Comes more Levels (Alert level red-are sau heavy) So, long speech short sense-a little negative:-Fps fluctuate "still" very strongly and it seemed to me even at a constant 60 Fps as if everything were laying. EDIT: Fps are NOT WAVERING so much anymore, almost no more! Thank you:) After 10-20min, my Eyes hurt so much that I had to stop briefly. In addition, some Sections were extremely Power Trajective. From 60 Fps to 20-30 for Everything on the highest Setting! -Dodging has not succeeded well, in my Opinion. Either it doesn't work or they meet you trz Edit: Kold jetzen quite well:D Bissel exercise and Skillung, then does dat with the Hen xD WHY positive? It's trart all around a very nice Game ... I even think it's better like Part 5 and 6 together!!! There is hardly any Action here! And as I always hint ... I'm NOT a perfect Review writer, but better how easy to write "Cooles Game" XDD Hab I Forget anything? Edited in the course of Time! Until then, your Turbiii:P
The two-players Co-op is awesome, even if the story is kinda lame.
«Constantly dying and enjoy it»
«Better with friends»