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by Petrucci

Great fighting game, you can not miss it if you like fighting games. Nice single player campaign story BTW - falls nicely into Mortal Kombat universe.

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Microsoft from Italian
Even if I lost the account, even though I had assistance (not too good either in terms of time or help), I couldn't do anything to recover the old characters, but never mind. Game that, nevertheless, never tires. Whether you want to use it as a pastime or as a game to spend hours on (and money), it really deserves five stars. Fluid, simple and appealing modes, challenges for characters not too difficult, package costs maybe a little high (but they do). Not excellent graphics, but overall I think it's good (especially considering the fluidity of the game and the many characters and moves) For those who complain about Jade: just stun it or don't do the combo finals. Alternatively, use X-Ray. It remains my favorite game, despite everything.
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Microsoft from Italian
from the day of the iPhone X waiting for the game to be optimized for iPhone X. Nothing, was not optimized for the display and hardware of the iPhone X. I was hoping that now with the Xs and Xs Max you were convinced to optimize it so that you have it in full screen on iPhone X, Xs and Xs Max, but also on Xs Max I tried to download it hoping it was optimized, not at all, you can't still play in full screen. Too bad because I would play so much, I have many childhood memories with Mortal Kombat on the Mac Power PC, but as long as I can't use it full screen I won't play with it. Adapt yourself because I don't think I'm the only one. They have been released a mess of updates! And in view of the release of the iPhone Xr, another user that could download the game, and then delete it immediately after the first fight, because there would be no taste to play with a castrated visibility when in full screen would be all another story. Moreover you could take the opportunity to update the graphics using the hardware of the A11 and A12 Bionic, as others have done with amazing results ..
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Microsoft from Italian
After about 900 days I can say that I am a fan of Mortal Kombat. Undoubtedly, up until yesterday there were so many gaps both in terms of graphics and in terms of gaming experience. With this update we see the new graphics engine, even if with some small lag, f the fight very well that however at the beginning of the match seems to be slower ... I am sure that with the next update everything will be solved. I like the idea of ​​turning players (some) into diamonds and I like the new interface as a whole. Really great job ... Apart from the non-compatibility with the iPhone X / XS which I find quite serious I can say that the players have lost credibility with respect to the gaming environment, in the sense that they have been faded compared to before and are so marked that they look like FIFA players. However said this is always nice to play MK Update: factional war matches are overly easy, it's almost impossible to lose, it seems that artificial intelligence is non-existent. Let's say that for now the war serves more than anything else to level the characters.
Finished on December 25, 2015 (Steam).

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