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Sonic R review
by Uneducated_Reviews

While SR isn't a groundbreaking experience is surely an entertainment one (at least in a superficial way), at first is kind of hard to get used to the controls and it's a little weird to control a character like it's a vehicle but once you get it, it's hard to put the control down albeit is a pretty short experience.

You start with 4 selectable characters and 4 selectable stages, the stages are based on stages from the Sonic series and they look pretty solid, you can unlock an extra stage and characters when you met certain criteria: like getting an emerald and get in 1st place in that course or get 5 tokens and get at least in 3rd place, these are pretty basic challenges and you're going to repeat the stages to track down all the items at least a few times, this for better or worse is the meat of Sonic R, at least from a single-player point of view, but is not that bad, since the controls are pretty decent and the stages have several weather forms, this means that you can play a stage on normal, raining or snowing and not only they look different they also have gameplay perks, like when is snowing the water is frozen therefore you can freely traverse bodies of water with the addition that they're also slippery, it adds replayability and disguises the fact (if only by a few runs) that only 5 stages are available. The AI is challenging but not hard, and when you grasp the game mechanics they become just moving obstacles, so most of the challenge will be unlocking the rest of the cast.

One thing that I need to emphasize is the music, it's simply brilliant, it sounds funky and 90's pop that even when you listen to a track for the 20th time it never grows old, it has a lot of charm and fits the Sonic universe quite well.

Although I can mostly say positive things about this game, in the end, Sonic R wears down its appeal once you unlocked all the characters or at least a couple of them, since you're going to do a lot of repetition, this experience can be translated in a couple of hours, maybe double that if you go multiplayer. It is not a deep experience by any means but at least you'll be entertained for one afternoon.
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