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An independent hack-and-slash. It took me four hours to get through it. I liked it. On the other hand, the enemies to fight against are very repetitive, there are few decors, few different attacks and the scenario is plain. Still I had fun playing it.
A nice little RPG, with a nice storyline, although the ending is rushed and the main villain doesn’t have enough development. The fighting system is nice, the music too.
A very good little game. A mix between a visual novel + arcade-style missions. With endearing characters, English dubbing for the characters and a little humour. It lasts about 1 hour.
Ah, Trillion, the big tough boss with trillions in HP, who must be defeated. As much as I love the concept, the game has bored and saddened me more than anything else. Between sending your characters to their deaths (yes, because defeating Trillion requires sacrifices!), spending 3/4 of the time reading text blocks (Trillion is a visual novel more than anything else?), rising stats with training over and over and over again... The only fights you have are in Sword Valley (they're easy with a bit of training), the ones against Mokujin (for practice), and the big fight against Trillion (where it gets tougher). In less than two hours, I'd seen all that the game could offer, and it's very disappointing. I was expecting a, let's say, more rogue-like game, and not a stats management x visual novel with a big fight. Still, to get attached to the characters, and then wanting to kick Trillion's a*ss after one of them dies, it's very accomplished. The music is also excellent and the graphics are very nice. Personally, I can't recommend it, but hey, that's my opinion.
A little gamebook, in the form of a visual novel in black and white, with lots of ways to die, ala Shadowgate. It's free and it's easy to get all the achievements.
The sequel to Unhack, which leaves me quite mixed.
 The plusses:
 + The art is much better.
 + The soundtrack is just as good.
 The minuses:
 - There's no more dubbing for the characters. I loved hearing Weedy and company speak in Unhack 1.
 - The story, as a follow-up to the first game, disappointed me.
 - There's a mini-game, but since it doesn't "fit" as well into the story, its purpose becomes null and void.
I didn't know the original version of the game, but I had a lot of fun. The humor, the characters, the story, IT'S GREAT!
This game is awesome! Since it happens in the same universe as Tales of Zestiria, comparisons are in order. * A dark scenario and 10x better than Tales of Zestiria. * A "real" big world to explore, unlike Tales of Zestiria. * Lots of cool Katz games and side quests. * Our team (the main characters) are great. * Velvet's a real badas-s and having a female main character makes a nice change. * There are references to Tales of Zestiria but you don't have to play it to get started with Tales of Berseria. * Very good life span. I finished it in less than 30 hours, but it was only the main story. I still have bonus quests to do and side locations to explore. * A far better fighting system than the Tales of Zestiria, though "chaotic" at times. * Unlike Tales of Zestiria, we can control who we want in battle and on the world map! In short, my best Tales of game, along with Tales of Symphonia
A great little game with endearing characters, (Efi is so cute!) a lot of humor and simple fights. Very good to entertain yourself for a little while.
A VN that confounds me.

 On the one hand...
 *It is available in French and English (cool!).
 *The story is very good, full of twists and turns and thrills.

 On the other hand...
 *I really don't like the music.
 *The images from Manga Maker ComiPo, for the characters, give me the bad impression of having in front of me a clone of "One Manga Day" and "Say Goodbye".
 *The images for the backgrounds are better, but meh.
 *The story is made with TyranoBuilder, so no option to control the volume, no full-screen mode, no easy way to switch from French to English, etc.

 In short, I have a very good story, but a "rotten" visual novel presentation. Do I recommend it? Difficult.
The very first Princess Maker game. A sim/stats game to raise. It's not as complete as Princess Maker 2 - there are fewer endings and random events - but it's still very enjoyable to play. There is nudity if Maria goes on vacation during the summer and I must admit that these images make me uncomfortable.... (especially when she still young) Apart from that, it's a very good game. Warmly recommend it to Princess Maker fans.
Black Swan has a nice presentation. The HOG scenes are not bad, although the objects are often too well hidden, or in the corner of the screen. The subtitles during several scenes don't correspond 100% to what is said. Some sentences are also strangely constructed, as if English had not been the source language of the project. There are few BGM and it's very repetitive. Apart from the scenes in HOG, there are some mini-games, but they are few and they are the same as in all the other HOG. (Assembling a picture, the pipe game, repeating the melody on a piano, etc.) I was hooked on the story at first, but it quickly became cliché and boring. Because "the spirit of a lady who made a contract with an evil entity for x reasons starts killing people and our heroine has to stop her by traveling between two worlds with a magic object", it's deja vu. Just see "Dark Arcana: The Carnival" or "Haunted Past: Realm of Ghosts", just for a character who travels between two worlds. So it's hard to recommend it, unless you find it in a bundle or at a very deep discounted price.
A novel adapted into a video game with RPG Maker. We have here a visual novel, with some fights. I liked the story, with its different endings, but I find that the descriptive passages could have been shortened. After all, in the game you can "see" all the places our heroes explore. Also, the two art styles used don't go well together. On one hand, we have a cute and colorful chibi style from the RTP. On the other hand, we have the resources of "Pop! Horror City pack", which is a retro style, with darker colors and non-chibi characters. I still enjoyed Glory by Example.
When it was released on steam, the game had problems with saves and crashes, but they are solved. I never played the free version, but I loved Mad Father! A great little game with a scary atmosphere.
An excellent story, a successful atmosphere, but a porting from cell phone to computer, so text small and pixelated. I played with the resolutions in the options, but there's nothing to do. On my 27" screen, it's blurry. There are also some choices (the answers to Elena) that break the mood with emoji. The game is still excellent.
To sum up ~ It could had been a great Clock Tower successor, but the story gets rushed near the end, and I got so many issues trying to play this game! Lag, crashes, a bad ending that refuse to “trigger” even thought I had all the conditions for it, etc. I was forced the play the game in windowed to avoid most of the issues, but still. The controls are also a mess, which doesn’t help during the “chase” sequences.
Black Mirror is an old point-and-click, dating back to 2003!, but with an engaging horror story and lovable characters. Black Mirror is not only the title of the game, but also the name of the Gordon family's ancestral mansion. Following the mysterious death of his grandfather, Samuel Gordon, our hero, returns to the family manor after a twelve-year absence. Convinced that the old man's death is no accident, he decides to play detective to find out who the murderer is. He discovers more than he thought... The game is available in French. It is also the first game of a trilogy. Black Mirror 2 (released in 2010) and Black Mirror 3 (released in 2011) completes the trilogy.
A good story, but I was disappointed by its lack of interactivity. Most choices move you forward in the same way. At least we have (finally!) the option to enlarge the text and change the background color (white) to a black background with white text.
Even forgetting the scandals surrounding the creator of Depression Quest, having already tried it on the web, it's bad. From the tragic piece of music that repeats itself over and over again, to the small black text on a pale grey background that's hard to read and the lack of choice in the story, Depression Quest offers nothing good. It even has a tendency to give depression. Yes, this "game" doesn't explain well (in my opinion) what depression is, nor how to get good help. The first time I read it, it depressed me and it was not a pleasant feeling. If you have severe depression, don't read Depression Quest. If you want to learn more about depression, don't read Depression Quest. If you have time to kill, then here, you can read Depression Quest. Either way, it's free. This story was also made with Twine, for those of you interested.
Same game as the phone version on Steam.
The same story.
 The IRL waiting times!
 I can't recommand it because of them, since the story is nice.