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I do like a lot about this game and I also like how it's a pretty glaring example of a game other than Axiom Verge or Environmental Station Alpha that's more Metroid than Vania. I don't mind the length (Carrion, another pretty short game, is one of my favorite Metroidvanias). The issue is that the length is a detriment to the backtracking and ability-gated design. There's really only two transformative power-ups - the missile and screw attack, both shamelessly taken from Metroid, which is fine - and one other ability that you don't really use outside of the dungeon its in. There's some combat power-ups that require completionism, which I guess is ok in a short game, but feel like ticking boxes by the last couple collectibles. I usually prefer short games but this is an odd one that would have benefitted from one or two more areas and another power-up or two and connect them all more intricately.
I was skeptical of the general consensus on this one since i played it so much as a kid, but I must have been a dumb kid because this is really lackluster.

Exploration is all but non-existent, side quests literally don't exist, combat is so basic and currency so easy that you can load up on Bros Items with no caveats and steamroll every single fight, there's two puzzles repeated over and over across the entire game. I've played this game so many times and always end up at the same points in terms of levels, badges, and play time. Powers from Superstar Saga are split up between the adult and baby bros and the only thing it adds is tedium. 

There's potential here between the adult/baby comedy bits and yeah the darker (for a Mario game) implications in the story and bosses. But there's just so much dropped between the plot being a fetch quest and the bosses being mostly forgettable and the few setpieces and linear dungeon design that there's nothing to save it.

And then they end it with a (really easy) Bowser fight that for some reason is only reactions? Completely unnecessary and just more padding for time in such a way that really typifies all the issues of the game.
Yeah this is the weakest of the series so far save Fist of the North Star. Playing on anything other than Easy is an exercise in attrition, and Easy is so easy (duh) that, along with such a basic combat system, even the most grandiose combat encounters feel perfunctory, saying nothing of all the banal random encounters. I do like the plot and side stories a good amount, though. So overall, worth it with the huge caveat of only if you've played the previous three games and are interested on moving onto the rest of the series.
Hats n stuff are cool, the alcgaracter selection is pretty decently varied.  Check it out!
Better than most new simpsons
Cute fun if you like games where you maintain a garden or farm or zoo or whatever.
They should go back to not talking.
When this first came our, it was so inspired (and inspiring, turns out) and unique.  The attention to historical accuracy, the surprisingly intuitive controls and combat system, the parkour even.  It was, however extremely repetitive.  This game was a proof of concept for what would become one of the most successful action/adventure game series of all time.  Its a piece of gaming history that isn't unbareable to play by modern standards. Highly recommend, but just so receptive, I can't give it the exceptional.
Great for the time, decent story and alright characters.
These three really helped my Spyro withdrawal.
I hope they revisit this someday.
An absolute revelation of a platformer. Great soundtrack too.
This is the one that made me read the book.
This one was such an innovation when it came out.
One of the original Hype Balloon games that actually turned out to be pretty fun when you got over the initial disappointment of it falling short of its own way-inflated mark.
The only Mech game I could get into growing up... but then again it's kind of its own thing, ultimately.
The original great space combat game.
Classic that helped me fall in love with Space Combat