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Sonny was two free flash games released in 2007 and 2009 (Sonny 1 and Sonny 2). Games that marked my adolescence for its story, its fully dubbed dialogues, its characters and its fighting system. Now we have Sonny, a remake-reboot of both flash games, with a complete story. It was released on IOS before coming on Steam and I have both versions. What about Sonny, the remake? It would be a lie to say it's a bad game. It's a good RPG, but I can't help but compare it to previous games, and that not so good. Let's compare that. Graphics and UI: In the free games, they were ordinary, but they used dark color palettes, reinforcing the serious theme of the story and its universe. In the remake, we have much nicer graphics, but they're all colorful, and I think that's a bit of a mood killer. For the user interface, the free games got a more complex and complete interface. The remake, the port of a cell phone game, requires big buttons and big dialog windows. The combat system: It is similar between the three games, except that we could give strategies to our allies controlled by the AI in Sonny 1 and 2, unlike the remake. Also, Sonny 1 and 2 had animations for the characters in battle. That got lost in the remake. It was possible to change a character's appearance by changing his equipment in the free games. None of that in the new Sonny. The story and the characters: That's where the biggest problem lies. Yes, we now have a complete story, but it is disappointing. The few free-game Sonny characters that stayed for the remake have totally changed personality, especially Veradux and the Baron. Veradux goes from a smart zombie, like the hero Sonny, to a veteran in armor. The Baron, the big bad guy in the free games, is not bad at all in the remake. Well, he still is a little bit, but for completely different reasons. Also, only a few lines of dialogue are dubbed in the remake. In the free games, as said above, everything is dubbed. For me, this game is a total disappointment and a bad remake. On the other hand, as mentioned above, it's not a bad game. It's still a good RPG. Even if I don't personally recommend it, if you've never tried the other Sonny games, go for it. However, what's with the price on Steam? It's double that of the IOS version!
An RPG Maker with hentai?! On Steam!?! Let's see that. We've got an RPG with classic combat and a super sexy heroine. The story has two "paths" depending on whether Fraylia loses some fights or not. There are, of course, a lot of more or less censored H-scenes! Why "more or less"? Because even if the images are censored with a rabbit and flowers, the descriptive texts and menus (called "H-history" and "Profile") are not. So we have scenes of sex, r*ape and other in their entirety. Honestly, it's not my style at all (the Hentai, not the RPG) and I find it strange that Steam let the uncensored text go through ... Anyway, if you want a very adult RPG, Dark Elf is for you.
If you want easy achievements by leaving the game running for 2 hours, Achievement Lurker is for you. Otherwise, go your own way. No story, only 1 world map and 1 hero who becomes invincible after a few battles.
Rusty Lake Roots impressed me even more than Rusty Lake Hotel. A much longer story, still as creepy with a bit of comedy, mass puzzles, a "clearer" ending (well, in my opinion). Before the game hadn't achievements, now it does. I also became much more attached to the characters. On the other hand, unlike Hotel, there is no Full Screen mode (for those who like their game in full screen)
A short linear visual novel. It can be read in 30 minutes. The drawings are excellent, especially the characters, and fit well with the scary scenario. The music, however, looks poor, and the story, being short, seems to end far too quickly. I can't really talk about it without saying "spoilers", but I would have liked to see the consequences of the father's action at the end. Also the future of the rest of his family.
One of my favorites VN. Sublime images, a fantasy world well developed, endearing characters, a gripping story, 3 endings and dialogues entirely dubbed in English (a rarity!). Recommended without hesitation.
Fighting Fantasy Classics is a collection of CYOA gamebooks. "Bloodbones" is free, the other volumes are in paid DLC. Available only in English, not in French, unlike the standalone versions of "House of Hell" and "The Forest of Doom", but the DLCs are less expensive. Being a big fan, I recommend it without fail, as you can only buy the books you are interested in, for example "Deathtrap Dungeon".
The latest version of RPG Maker. It is an excellent program to make RPGs and even visual novels! Very easy to use, many languages available, many paid DLCs if you need additional resources. It is without counting on plugins designed by the community, which allow you to do many things. With more than 900 hours on it, I'm far from having discovered everything.
It's not a game. It's a animal pictures' slide show with questions, designed with Ren'py. The answers are given to you automatically, so there is no interaction on our part. A question is repeated twice and some of them don't even make sense. After seeing all the questions, in 5 minutes, you get 4,501 out of 5,000 chivos. That's right, a fake game for achievements, even if some of them don't work, but with the "Low Confidence Metric" they are worthless. The title, 18+, can also be misleading. (At the beginning, I thought of a adult-only Hentai game...) In short, avoid.
A very good hack'n'slash that I recommend. Simple but catchy storyline, cute heroine and quick fights. I have to admit that the enemies are often the same so the game can get boring before the final fight.
A little 'game' (yeah, right) that ends in 40 minutes - 10 minutes per game, there are no saves! - for achievements. For easy achievements, to be taken on sale, otherwise avoid.
What's this reboot of the Black Mirror trilogy worth? Modern graphics, certainly, but a poor soundtrack, a story that's anything but horrifying, and a game of insulting simplicity for fans of point and click. Farewell, the search for objects in every corner and puzzles to make you think. The few puzzles in Black Mirror are very easy. The rest of the time, you just walk around, pick up an object, and do QTEs. I almost completed Chapter 4 (of the 5) before giving up, I was so bored with this game. Besides, this Black Mirror has nothing to do with the original trilogy, except the name "Gordon", an old castle and a family curse (which is not the same at all between the trilogy and the reboot). David ≠ Samuel from Black Mirror 1 and Darren in BM 2 and 3
One of the best hidden object games I've ever played. A compelling story. Cute characters. HO scenes and puzzles that have a strong link with the story (unbelievable!) and that are not only there to "be there" XD. I have only one question : when will the sequel be released?
Although the story line of Without Within 3 was better than the second one, I am unable to recommend it. Maybe it's because I don't like the "tourist" aspect of the story, nor Vinty's passion for Chinese (or Japanese?) calligraphy.
Orwell, or "I've never felt better and worse about prying into people's private lives!". A terrific storyline, endearing characters, and a pretty scary world. Many choices, many endings, a good life span... recommend.
It all started when I opened the VN, only to come across a basic title screen. No background image! The music is nice, at least. I start the game and there is total silence. During the whole story. This is not encouraging. I read the story, trying to get attached to the characters, but nothing helps. It's clichéd, boring, the dialogue seems childish at times... then, bang, without warning a error screen. I thought that the game was buggy or done in a hurry, but when I played 3 more games with Skip Activated, I understood that it was intentional and that I had to click on "Ignore" to continue. So be it. That doesn't change the fact that I didn't like the story. Still with Skip, I went to read the end, because I was curious to know the end of this rather peculiar story (let's say), and it's about the 4th wall broken. I can't stop thinking about Doki Doki Literature Club. A guy who meets girls, who joins an art club, who witnesses strange events, an end that breaks the 4th wall... I'm not saying Project Reset is a copy of Doki Doki Literature Club. Maybe it's a tribute to DDLC. But I didn't like Doki Doki Literature Club and I like Projet Reset even less. UPDATE #1: The title screen now has a background image, but still no music during the game. UPDATE #2 : The story must have new content, but nothing extraordinary.
A point and click, in the form of a comic book, with a light scenario, inspired by Lovecraft. The concept of random rooms in the dungeon is awesome, but I think the trapped rooms (cuckoo, game over!) are too based on luck. Also, you have to find the map, hidden at random in a room, if you don't fall into a trap before... Still, I love the concept and the game.
A completely free clicker, without micropayments. Not everyone will like the theme. Hypnotize young women to have naughty scenes with them. But the game is still fun to play and, like any good clicker, makes the time pass well.
Lucius 3, the most buggy game I played in 2019. XD
It's an open-world, of course, but if you do actions out of order, then your game is broken and you have to restart the current chapter. I had to redo two chapters twice because of that, so we have a "fake" open-world.

That's not counting bugs in looped dialog, characters getting stuck in a wall, black screens of death, buggy animations, and so on.

In order to get through the game, and avoid as many bugs as possible, I had to find myself a walkthrough, which spoiled my pleasure of discovering the story.

Speaking of the story, I don't know if there was a lack of budget, but everything is rushed to the end, and the 2 endings you can get are... well it's 10 seconds cinematics and then the credits. O.o.

I liked Lucius 1, Lucius 2 is a disappointment, the Demake is awesome, and 3... Bug Hell!
«Buggy as hell»
«Game over at last!»
From the creators of Breath of Death VII and Cthulhu Saves the World, we have a great game that pays tribute to the RPGs of yore. Despite its cliché storyline and its characters with little depth (but it's intentional!), the fights are well thought-out, the music is great, and you get a good 10 hours of gameplay (only for the story, without the side quests).