5 legendary comebacks in 2017

Created Dec 22, 2017 by Brahmaputra
In 2017, many legendary game series made an unexpected comebacks.
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    It's been 4 years since the RE6 which looked like Hollywood action movies. This time RE returns to its horror roots with the first person view twist.
    Black Mirror (2017) screenshot
      14 years ago, at the time when the genre was considered more dead than alive, the Czech adventure came out. This year the game came back remade and polished.
        The last big Mario game was Super Mario Galaxy 2, 7 years ago. Now Nintendo Switch got an exclusive Mario game that once again reinvented 3D platformers as a genre.
          The previous WWII-themed CoD came out 7 years ago. It's another return to the roots – for the good or the bad.
            Sonic Mania returned after Sonic & Knuckles like there was none of these 23 years of Sonic games – good and bad. Everything is new and happens for the first time ever.