Oct 27, 2017

Super Mario Odyssey

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Super Mario Odyssey is a 3D platform game, a part of Nintendo’s Super Mario series.


The game follows Mario on his quest to save Princess Peach from her forced marriage with Bowser. The game starts with Mario fighting Bowser on its aircraft. Bowers knock Mario off the ship and shreds his cap into pieces. Mario awakens in the Cap Kingdom inhabited with hat-like spirits and befriends one of them named Cappy. It turns out, Bowser also kidnapped Cappy’s sister Tiara, and now the heroes must chase Bowser through several kingdoms to save Peach and Tiara.


The gameplay of Super Mario Odyssey draws inspiration from Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine. The game consists 17 levels (named as “kingdoms”). In most of them, your goal is to collect a certain amount of Power Moons. Collecting enough of them allows the player to progress to the next kingdom. Some moons can be found in different parts of the level or acquired as a reward for completing certain tasks or challenges. The Mario’s moveset mostly resembles that of Super Mario 64 and includes wall jumps, triple jumps, somersaults, long jumps, rolling on the ground. The main new gameplay feature is that Mario can throw his hat to create temporary platforms, grab objects, attack enemies, or possess them. Possessing enemies gives you new moves and sometimes is necessary to reach certain parts of the level.

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Super Mario Odyssey
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I had my doubts, but bought Super Mario Odyssey (and a Switch) on the day of release. Simply put, I love this game. Super Mario Odyssey is like someone took Disneyland and jam-packed it into a game. It's great, but I want more. I hope there's some kind of DLC or something.
I thought of Mario as a silly character. Now i don’t. What a smart, fun and kind game made with so much care and attention to details. First Nintendo game that i have completed 🏆.
«Can’t stop playing»
«Better With Friends»
The best Mario game since 64, with precisely the right amount of fan service for longtime fans of the series. One of the best games Nintendo has made in a long time, along with Breath of the Wild. They've certainly set the bar high for the Switch. Here's hoping they can keep this up.
I played over 10 hours already and barely noticed the time. Nintendo has taken the Mario experience to the next levelm the game is HIGH quality. There's much to do, lots of content, lots of tiny things like clothes, etc. Lots of hidden secrets that accounts for great replayability level. Damn, I have the new Assassin’s Creed, and haven’t even bother to unwrap it, because the Mario being super good. If you own a Switch then this is a must buy game just like the new Zelda.
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»
Лучший платформер Nintendo, со времен Mario 64 !
Не сказал бы, что прямо сносит башню, но хорошая и качественная игра, оправдывает самые высокие от себя ожидания.  Хорошая графика, яркие разнообразные уровни, удобное управление, милый юмор и расслабляющая атмосфера, все очень хорошо. Но, почему-то, игра именно что оправдывает ожидания от себя, но не превосходит их. То есть, ещё до запуска я знал, что хорошая, такой она и оказалась, но прям верещать от восторга она от себя не заставляет.
«Just one more turn»
«Sit Back and Relax»
Абсолютно посредственная игра, которая незаслуженно получила все свои оценки. Геймплей стандартный для любого платформера. Извините, но просто наличием вороха способностей в 2017 не удивить. Сюжета нет, "рисовка" совершенно стандартная для игр серии и ничем не цепляет. Игру очень легко пройти, затруднение может вызвать разве что сбор всех лун. Но как это может быть интересным, если сама игра унылая?  Ну и вишенкой на этом трешовом торте является  сам Марио. Совершенно бесхарактерный болванчик с противным голосом. Не вызывает никаких эмоций кроме раздражения.
«Disappointment of the year»
«I could make it better»
Nada, que sigo sin tragar juegos de Mario en 3D