5 unexpected updates of 2017

Created Dec 21, 2017 by Tzeelim
This year developers loved to dig out old games and give them a major update. We all got an excuse to return to them after so much time.
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    This game has so many players after all these years, that Blizzard decided to remove the dust, fix the old code, remake the graphics, and give the old version for free. Everything for the fans.
      The game lives on in spite of everything and surprises with unique features. This time, an open world appeared in the game with new quests, fishing and night hunting.
        It seems just like a good Diablo-clone that came out 11 years ago. However, this year it got completely remade and an addon! 
          Although the game is not released yet, but early accessers have already seen a cooperative tower defense with waves of zombies. What was a surprise is a completely free Battle Royal mode which looks a…
            Many things happened for the game this year: a remaster for home consoles, a VR release and a Nintendo Switch edition. A bunch of new ways to relive the story of Cole Phelps.