All Online GOTYs of 2018

Created Dec 6, 2018 by RAWG Editorial
We are making the extensive list of all online games in 2018 that deserve to be the GOTY in YOUR opinion. Submit games by clicking “Recommend a game” below. We will add any game to this list but here are some rules.

1. One game from one rawger.
2. Only games originally released in 2018 are accepted.
3. Only games with a primal focus on online multiplayer are accepted. Think Sea of Thieves, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Dauntless, etc.

And remember that any game can be a GOTY for you. ♥
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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt created so many fans eager to vote for it to be the game of any year it was inevitable that some spinoffs would follow. Gwent, the beloved minigame of The Witcher 3, got its stand-alone installment and this october it came out of beta testing in a fully revamped shape. There's the story mode, 3D-visuals and the gameplay got more focused. We know that 2018 is the year of battle royales, but can we take a moment to appreciate a totally different kind of online-games?
MTG Arena just entered the public beta, but it already looks strong. What could possibly go wrong if you take such timeless classic as MTG and translate this into a video game? Nothing, just don't change anything.