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All Strategy GOTYs of 2018

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We are making the extensive list of all strategy games in 2018 that deserve to be the GOTY in YOUR opinion. Submit games by clicking “Recommend a game” below. We will add any game to this list but here are some rules.

1. One game from one rawger.
2. Only games originally released in 2018 are accepted.
3. Only strategy games are accepted. Think Frostpunk, Into the Breach, BattleTech, etc.

And remember that any game can be a GOTY for you. ♥
Top Dawger has added a game
Dec 26, 2018
If you'd ever felt that strategies needed a dark story-based games with choices and gray morals and the hard-pressing timing, fear no more, Frostpunk is here, one the most unique strategy games of the last few years.
Frostpunk in All Strategy GOTYs of 2018 - 1
MeZev has added a game
Dec 26, 2018
It is a spiritual successor to Theme Hospital from the guys who made Theme Hospital. What are you waiting for?
Two Point Hospital in All Strategy GOTYs of 2018 - 1
Bambei has added a game
Dec 26, 2018
The game series that needs no introduction gets another great entry. A range of new features from maps types, to crafting, to the, yes, army painter make it a must-play for Warhammer 40,000 fans. Especially the army painter.
Juri has added a game
Dec 26, 2018
Valve making games again deserves to be in any year in review. Although Artifact faced certain backlash concerning monetization on launch, they still know how to make gameplay fun. Let's hope that it's just the start of a new era for Valve, the gamedev company.
Tramandai has added a game
Dec 26, 2018
The Banner Saga comes to its epic conclusion in the third installment. A soild mix of RPG and strategy returns with a strong story, based on your decisions from previous entries, and refined artworks. 
The Banner Saga 3 in All Strategy GOTYs of 2018 - 1
Winnie has added a game
Dec 20, 2018
You can't screw a post-apocalyptic X-com with human-sized animals, right? Based on the 1984 board game called Mutants, Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden takes you on a tactical adventure with a trio of weirdos. And yes, it's as good as it sounds.
Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden in All Strategy GOTYs of 2018 - 1
Chocodemon has added a game
Dec 13, 2018
Into the Breach shows that for a great strategy game what is important is not the scope, it's the depth. And from the depth, come the abominable mosters that you have to defend to save the humanity from extinction in a series of tough battles. 
Allotus has added a game
Dec 9, 2018
Giant death robots fans must be pretty happy this year because they got a good mecha game nearly in all genres possible, even a turn-based strategy! If you are not a mecha fan, get in the freaking robot anyways, Paradox Interactive are renowned masters of strategies while Harebrained Schemes have developed quite a few turn-based combat games, so when they team up, you know it's a strategy GOTY for sure.
BattleTech in All Strategy GOTYs of 2018 - 1
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