Boom! Bap! Games with great hip-hop soundtracks

Created Dec 1, 2017 by Serge Ulankin
Hip-hop is undoubtedly #1 on the music scene today, partly because it has been evolving like no other. It has eaten up bits of rock, soul, dancehall, EDM, grown into something different, and strangely remained the same genre.

But what about games? When it comes to soundtracks, hip-hop seems to appear only in another NBA or some cheesy things like Def Jam series.

Or is it really so? I started this collection to find all the games with truly great hip-hop soundtracks.
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    Okay, all GTA games have radiostations with hip-hop, often this includes classic hits. But this particular gem not only lets you listen to hip-hop in cars — it lives and breathes sunny g-funk with cha…