The Best Games From the 6th Generation (1998-2006)

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Created Aug 19, 2018 by Joshua Hinrichs
The best video games I played that are from the 6th console generation, during 1998-2006. This list is obviously my own opinion, and ever-evolving.
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    An unabashed classic from this generation, possibly the best in the series. 10/10
    Ultimate Spider-Man screenshot
      A criminally underrated adventure based off of the Ultimate Spider-man comic series. The pinnacle of Spider-man games, with great gameplay and engaging story. 9/10
      STAR WARS Battlefront 2 (2005) screenshot
        The best Star Wars game ever made. The best Battlefront 2 game ever made. 10/10
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          Man, they really don't make Star Wars games like they used to. 8/10
          God of War (2005) screenshot
            A brilliantly polished and entertaining first entry in this amazing series. A great preview into what will come. 9/10
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