Games We Are Waiting for in 2019

Created Jan 8, 2019 by Serge Ulankin
Hey, everybody. RAWG's editor-in-chief here.

Why won't we create an extensive list of games that our community is waiting for? Rules are simple: suggest any game that will (or might) release in 2019 that you really, really want to play, and I'll add it to this collection and write a couple of words myself.

We'll help each other discover the best upcoming video games in 2019, and also we'll see if Crackdown 3 finally comes out.

What are you waiting for most? Leave comments!
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    One of the most dearly loved Nintendo franchises finally, finally comes back with a new Switch game.
      A new Rebel Galaxy game, and another space simulator to look forward to.
        Fire Emblem returns with a new installment set in a new world, where the Church of Seiros exercises great power over the land and its people. Fight in a traditional turn-based RPG manner and build build relationships and gather information in between. 
        Manifold Garden screenshot
          The game promises to reinvent the laws of physics in an Escher-esque way. We'll see if it'll be a good game, but at least it'll be a great source for wallpapers.
          Witchmarsh screenshot
            It's been around 5 years already, but this Kickstarter project might actually come out this year. An action co-op side-scrolling RPG set in 1920s Massachusetts and with some great music.
              Biomutant is here to let you play with fluffy animals and kick ass. And it's full of both!
                Everybody's probably waiting for Anthem and The Outer Worlds. Journey can be close to both or nothing at all, because the only thing we have for now is this intriguing teaser that doesn't explain anything. Give us more details!
                  Remember Goat Simulator? Time to mess with all those hateful people as a whole new animal.
                    Time to get to work, and Stay Effective! Can it be a reference?
                      Your favorite wet nightmare returns with more distrubing sexuality! Also, Catherine Classic just got a surprise release for PC in January, and the year is off to a good start.
                        The player 2 returns with his solo series. A Nintendo horror game can't go wrong.
                          Risk of Rain is going 3D for the sequel. Is it a good or a bad thing? I don't know, but the gameplay looks surprisingly unchanged! So let's wait for it.