Games you must try while at Comic Con Baltics

Created Sep 13, 2018 by RAWG Editorial
This September 15-16, Lithuanian capital Vilnius will hold an annual geek fest — Comic Con Baltics 2018! Visitors of the show will be able to try out dozens of new and culturally important games, so we decided to cherry pick the best ones for You!

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The latest video game about marvelous Spider–Man is a must try! Not only because it‘s great, but also due to it‘s crazy jumping, diving and swinging. One can‘t just stand behind and watch, cause it‘s a mad ride and a crazy rollercoaster. It‘s only fun when you‘re in control!
One of the best fighting series out there, that was the beginning and the end of so many friendships :D. During Comic Con Baltics you‘ll be able to try it out in the whole new level. Step into the Real King of Kings ring and challenge true, professional fighters! They won‘t be wearing gloves, cause that gets in the way of mashing buttons on the controller, thus we strongly suggest to avoid trash talking :D. For more on this, visit dedicated event page:
Star Wars always played a huge role at Comic Con events, thus we must mention this game. Especially for those, who rarely plays games and loves movies. Go see Star Wars: Battlefront II. It‘s a dream come true. We promise.
Almost every video game that comes out with LEGO label on it is great! We chose to mention LEGO Marvel Super Heroes simply because it‘s closest to the theme of the event, but you‘ll be able to try out many more of those, including, but not limited to LEGO Jurassic Park, LEGO Worlds, LEGO Batman 3 an many more! Great for kids, but even greater for a whole family!
It still has a smell of factory paint on it! The latest adventure of Lara Croft brings us to a closure of this magnificent trilogy. Be sure to try it out, or at least to spectate others playing it, cause it‘s really worth seeing. There will be a possibility to try out two previous games in the series as well and for Comic Con Baltics visitors we specifically suggest to try the second one — where Lara touches tragic pages of Lithuanian history while visiting abandoned Siberian Gulags.
Games are not new, but experiences will be fresh! Challenge popular radio DJ‘s in a fatal battle and win prizes! Don‘t miss this chance and if you‘re not into virtual ass kicking, you‘ll still be able to compete on a FIFA 18 pitch, or race the dirty roads of DIRT Rally!
You‘re in love with DC comics and fighting games? Then be sure to challenge friends and random villains in a one-on-one shodown while playing Injustice 2. Amazing fighting moves, immersive story and favorite characters, is there anything else to a recipe of perfection?
It‘s an old title, but we couldn‘t resist mentioning it. We‘re looking at you cosplayers! Ever tried a video game where cosplaying is as important for immersion, as the gameplay itself?
This one is simple. Event is happening in Lithuania and Lithuania is crazy about basketball. So grab a friend and challenge him in the latest instalment of the series! Do it while choosing All Time greatest NBA teams, with strong Lithuanian leadership ;)
Project CARS screenshot
Project Cars will be played at the LNK television booth, together with their driving star Norbe! Norbe will try to prove, that he‘s great at driving, no matter if it‘s real or virtual car. Try to prove him wrong and compete for the best times on the Renault track!
No fans are left behind at Comic Con Baltics, so if you‘re a fan of Marvel or Capcom characters be sure to stop by and have some fun in this quirky fighting game.