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Injustice 2

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Injustice 2 is a fighting game developed by NetherRealm Studios.

The game begins on Krypton in its last hours. After Brainiac attacked the planet, he decides to destroy it using the beta-bombs. Only Superman and Supergirl survived, as their parents decided to send them to Earth, but these two get separated as the shuttles courses get affected by the planet's explosion. Time passes and Superman becomes a tyrannic Earth dictator, yet Batman destroys his regime at the end of the first game. Batman attempts to rebuild the society after the fall of Superman.

The core gameplay resembles the same of the first game. Every character has their own unique set of combos and special attacks. The objective of every fight is to knock out the enemy. The players can use the environment in order to damage their opponent. Every successful attack fills the super meter. Super meter can be used to perform special skills or dodges. Using the full super meter charge allows for a unique attack.

Injustice 2 features a loot box system. Players can get new outfits with special effects from the crates. An RPG-like mechanics is also present as the characters four base stats can be improved after every fight.

Release date
Warner Bros. Interactive
NetherRealm Studios
Warner Bros. Interactive
Age rating
13+ Teen
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Injustice 2 reviews and comments

It may not be perfect, but I love everything about this game. Except don't touch the online stuff. Everything offline or the non-multiplayer online events is perfect. 
If you like DC or fighting games, you'll probably like this. If you like both you've definitely already played this.
A lot of the character designs look terrible, the story's writing is basic and forgettable, the dialogue can get really cringy at times. The only saving grace for the game is the action and mechanics which prove to be really fun. First time a fighting game has ever peaked my interest, and that's mainly just because it includes DC characters. 
Journal Style Review:

I’ve never really liked fighting games. They have never appealed. I think they look cool and I like the idea of them, but in practise I never like playing them that much or for that long. But I like DC and I like the idea of this story so now that it’s on gamepass I’m giving it a go.

Early impression is not great. Opening set up is pretty good. But I’m never a fan of Batman’s thou shall not kill antics. So thats a bit less my vibe.

I hope I get the hang of combat and get a bit more satisfaction out of that because for the first hour or so I haven’t loved it. Harley Quinn has so far been my favourite character to play as.

The gorilla character was ridiculous. Never seen that dc character before. But I do usually like talking apes.

Green arrow new fave to play as. I’m enjoying the gameplay a bit more. Getting a better feel for it. I’m getting better at hitting the ultimates which are pretty fun.

Definitely more fun when stoned. This story is pretty fun when stoned. And the game looks super cool. The unique and fancy moves, especially the ultimates, are fun to see for the first few times.

Some of this story is sweet in a lighthearted comic book kind of way. I don’t like Batman’s resistance to kill though.

The gameplay is growing on me as I get better and more effective at pulling off special moves and combos. There have been fights that have come down to the wire and I’m excited about the win. This game started very low but it’s climbing the ranks.

Swamp things ultimate is the best one yet. Very cool.

The brainiac fights against superman and batman were awesome. They were extra challenging too which was appreciated. Im actually thinking ill see what other single player challenges exist when i beat the campaign. I didnt think id be interested in playing more but I am.

Mildly disappointing ending to the story. The final Batman vs Superman fight wasn’t that great. It wasn’t as good as the brainiac conclusion I felt. 

I messed around in the multiverse for another day but I’m now good to move on. I actually liked the idea of the multiverse. I like how the character progression with levels and new items looked. If I wanted to actually get good at this style of game and I felt the need to keep playing then that system I think would really work for me. But because I don’t want to play this game a ton, and there isn’t really an end to the multiverse I don’t feel motivated to play any longer. In the end this is a very high B. Which is a reasonable improvement over the first. I can tell this game is very well done, but it’s just not my genre. For what it was I still had a pretty enjoyable time with the story mode.

Final Score: B
«Just one more turn»
«Can’t stop playing»
Injustice 2 is an amazing game. It’s a hundred times better than it’s predecessor, and it’s a game that actually shows developers hearing out to their fans calls. Not only did they bring highly called out characters like red hood and star fire, but they added a whole new gear system. It’s amazing how injustice 2 also has almost no inconsistencies between characters. You will never feel that characters are op or what not, and it’s honestly a must for action fans. I mean the story mode had some dull moments and almost no emotions from some characters whatsoever *cough* firestorm, but if you want injustice just for the story mode then your a lunatic.
«Can’t stop playing»
«Liked before it became a hit»
Injustice 2 is a sequel to the first Injustice game. The game focuses on the alternate universe that was introduced in the first game. The story centers on the aftermath of the events in the first game and how many of these heroes and villains react to a new threat that puts the whole world in peril. The graphics are amazing. The story feels more like a film which I have no problem with. The voice work is really good. The character designs are cool, but I think a handful of the designs look like they were inspired by recent DC movies and I don't like that at all. The gameplay is better and less choppy than it was in the first game. Generally everything has been improved on which is what a good sequel does. The new multiplayer component and the inclusion of gear really promotes continued play which the first game lacked. I would say that this was and is a much more enjoyable game and another great sequel.

 Rating- 4.5/5
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
[= = = [For:] = = [] Children [X] Every [] Casual Player [] per Player = = = [Graphics:] = = [] Potato [] Very Bad [] Bad [] Ok [] Good [X] Beautiful/It looks super beautiful and you can see that it is very detailed the closer you are to a Character with the Camera. [] Masterpiece = = = [Price/Quality:] = = [] Full price [X] Wait until the Sale/Despite the good Entertainment you are offered here, I would wait in your Place until it is a little cheaper (Or buy it on a key page of your trust) as it is already quite expensive. [] Average [] Refund if you can [] Machs just can't = = = [Requirements:] = = [] Potato Pc [] Minimum [X] Must withstand/I can do it with my GTX 1060 and my Intel Core I7-4790S on Ultra Settings in Consistently liquid 60 fps in Full HD to gamble. [] High end [] NASA Pc = = = [Difficulty:] = = [] Needs only a Screen xD [] Ez [] Easy to learn/Hard to master [X] Schwer (First few Hours)/I recommend everyone to play the Tutorials. The whole Combos are really not so easy. In any Case, You definitely need getting used to it. [] Not feasible = = = [Game time/length] = = [] Very short (0-5 Hours) [] Short (5-10 Hours) [] A Pair of Hours (10-20 Hours) [] Long (20-40 Hours) [] Very Long (40 + Hours) [X] Infinite/Apart from the Story you can play the Game infinitely:D = = = [Story] = = = ine/Custom no [] Still better than Twilight [] Average [X] Perfect/I found the Story very exciting and Entertaining. Apart from the Fights (Which you play yourself), I felt like I was in an interactive Motion Picture. = = = [Bugs] = = = [] The Game itself is a big Bug [] Bugs destroy the Game [] A few Bugs [X] No/I haven't found a single Bug in this Game so far. Total: 9/10-Until now the best Beat them up game I've played but still very expensive + DLC's
Translated by
Microsoft from Swedish
Its an awersome game but I feel like the Injustice game isnt really there, with every ability you use is pritey much auto, and some characters isnt in the game like The Insurgency Joker, Doomsday and Martian Manhunter, I feel like thats an huge miss that you didnt bring them in to Injustice 2 and its a much more complicated game than IGAU, and also that you had to bring in another currency, it was much easier to just have an eye out for how much gold you had in IGAU, it would be nice to see some of the old characters come back without a rework maybe just in the texture (Maybe) IGAU - Injustice Gods among us
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