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Injustice 2

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Injustice 2 is a fighting game developed by NetherRealm Studios. The game begins on Krypton in its last hours. After Brainiac attacked the planet, he decides to destroy it using the beta-bombs. Only Superman and Supergirl survived, as their parents decided to send them to Earth, but these two get separated as the shuttles courses get affected by the planet's explosion. Time passes and Superman becomes a tyrannic Earth dictator, yet Batman destroys his regime at the end of the first game. Batman attempts to rebuild the society after the fall of Superman. The core gameplay resembles the same of the first game. Every character has their own unique set of combos and special attacks. The objective of every fight is to knock out the enemy. The players can use the environment in order to damage their opponent. Every successful attack fills the super meter. Super meter can be used to perform special skills or dodges. Using the full super meter charge allows for a unique attack. Injustice 2 features a loot box system. Players can get new outfits with special effects from the crates. An RPG-like mechanics is also present as the characters four base stats can be improved after every fight.
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Release date
May 9, 2017
NetherRealm Studios
Warner Bros. Interactive
Warner Bros. Interactive
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Not rated
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Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
[= = = [For:] = = [] Children [X] Every [] Casual Player [] per Player = = = [Graphics:] = = [] Potato [] Very Bad [] Bad [] Ok [] Good [X] Beautiful/It looks super beautiful and you can see that it is very detailed the closer you are to a Character with the Camera. [] Masterpiece = = = [Price/Quality:] = = [] Full price [X] Wait until the Sale/Despite the good Entertainment you are offered here, I would wait in your Place until it is a little cheaper (Or buy it on a key page of your trust) as it is already quite expensive. [] Average [] Refund if you can [] Machs just can't = = = [Requirements:] = = [] Potato Pc [] Minimum [X] Must withstand/I can do it with my GTX 1060 and my Intel Core I7-4790S on Ultra Settings in Consistently liquid 60 fps in Full HD to gamble. [] High end [] NASA Pc = = = [Difficulty:] = = [] Needs only a Screen xD [] Ez [] Easy to learn/Hard to master [X] Schwer (First few Hours)/I recommend everyone to play the Tutorials. The whole Combos are really not so easy. In any Case, You definitely need getting used to it. [] Not feasible = = = [Game time/length] = = [] Very short (0-5 Hours) [] Short (5-10 Hours) [] A Pair of Hours (10-20 Hours) [] Long (20-40 Hours) [] Very Long (40 + Hours) [X] Infinite/Apart from the Story you can play the Game infinitely:D = = = [Story] = = = ine/Custom no [] Still better than Twilight [] Average [X] Perfect/I found the Story very exciting and Entertaining. Apart from the Fights (Which you play yourself), I felt like I was in an interactive Motion Picture. = = = [Bugs] = = = [] The Game itself is a big Bug [] Bugs destroy the Game [] A few Bugs [X] No/I haven't found a single Bug in this Game so far. Total: 9/10-Until now the best Beat them up game I've played but still very expensive + DLC's
Translated by
Microsoft from Swedish
Its an awersome game but I feel like the Injustice game isnt really there, with every ability you use is pritey much auto, and some characters isnt in the game like The Insurgency Joker, Doomsday and Martian Manhunter, I feel like thats an huge miss that you didnt bring them in to Injustice 2 and its a much more complicated game than IGAU, and also that you had to bring in another currency, it was much easier to just have an eye out for how much gold you had in IGAU, it would be nice to see some of the old characters come back without a rework maybe just in the texture (Maybe) IGAU - Injustice Gods among us
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Overall, a very well implemented game. The Injustice console fans will definitely get their money's worth. I would only have 2 criticisms which could be implemented but with an update. For one, it bothers me that the game does not have friends vs friends mode. On the other hand, the player vs. player mode is limited by a number of attempts. The experiments fill up again after a certain time. I find it counterproductive to limit the game by trying. I hope for changes! Ps: Under certain circumstances, the modes listed above exist, if that is the case, please, I ask for revision of the home screen, thanks!
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