Great Lengthy Games

Created Sep 6, 2019 by Julien Kaspar
A list of my personal favourites games to sink a lot or even endless amounts of time into.
These might have a their genius in their story, storytelling, gameplay-mechanics, art-style, soundtrack or a great mix between them.
They definitely have a lot of content and/or are incredibly engaging for me to spend so much time with them.
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    If you're into clever puzzles that keep building on top of each other and exploring beautiful environments then this game might be for you. It has a LOT of these 2 but little else.
      Instead of playing the soldiers in a war game, what if you played a group of people trying to survive in a city that became a warzone. Very thoughtful experience on moral decision making and survival.
          Clever fantasy-sports game with a great art-style, fascinating world-building and very well made/integrated soundtrack.
              Pretty much everyone knows what Minecraft is. You mine and craft in an endless voxel (block) based sandbox, mostly fuelled by your own curiosity and imagination.
                A mix of Super Mario and classic Collectathon games, but with a ton of charm, humour, very polished gameplay and a lot to explore and find.
                  A great 3rd-person-stealth-shooter-survival-game, my favourite from the studio Naughty Dog, and a prime example of ludo-narrative harmony in games. Great story. Great gameplay. Great acting. Great sou…
                    Where Minecraft, never quite evolved and stayed pure, Terraria traded it's survival aspect and serenity for shear endless adventure and content with the only big downside of a missing dimension.