It's too late to brace yourself, winter has come

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Created Dec 6, 2017 by Brahmaputra
Winter is upon us, but you just don’t feel its spirit. I picked some winter games ranging from festive, sparkling and fluffy to cold, dark and tough.
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A Vampyre Story screenshot
    All you need to get in winter mood is to look at the backgrounds. The game feels very close to Nightmare Before Christmas, when you don’t know when it’s the time for it – Christmas, Halloween? But fuc…
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      Why waste time and money for mountains only to go slowly up and quickly down, when you can ski down the scenic route WITHOUT moving your ass off the chair and waste money on more games?
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        Winter comes hard. It’s not just a part of the game, but a heavy twist that hits you like a hammer and makes beloved characters even more unlikely to survive.
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          Knights of the frozen throneA new adventure for Blizzad card game. Got it? It’s cold, cuz it’s Blizzard! Oh fine... Go play the original frozen throne if you want.
          Tom Clancy’s The Division screenshot
            What I love about this Tom Clancy’s is the environment and details. Snowy New York is just amazing, and sometimes you can’t help but stare until you get a headshot.
            Cryostasis: Sleep of Reason screenshot
              Everyone who’s played it, found something unique. Yes, it’s an East European shooter from 2009, but it managed to reproduce the very feeling of cold and its dangers. If you come across this game, I hi…
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                It’s a game as a service, so there’ll be some winter updates for sure, with special events, new skins and falling snow on maps. Can’t wait for free lootboxes.. I mean, presents.
                Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War – Winter Assault screenshot
                  There’s always place for Warhammer! It’s the first add-on for the best video embodiment of a board game. It’s a standalone campaign about the Imperial Guards freezing in the snows.
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