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The Legacy

Overwatch is a multiplayer first-person shooter from the company that gave players the saga of Azeroth, Starcraft and the Diablo universe. Despite these releases coming out years ago, they are still alive and actively updated. But the developers at Blizzard wanted something new: the company does not like to experiment with new settings, preferring to transfer existing characters to new genres, worlds, and situations. The exception, perhaps, can only be a game about the three Vikings—The Lost Vikings, but this, too, was a long time ago.

The story and setting

Anyway, the company Blizzard has approached the development of Overwatch with team-specific meticulousness to details and desire to create an elaborative game universe. The player faces a choice between 21 characters who were part of the elite Overwatch unit. The task of Overwatch soldiers is to protect the Earth from conflicts and external threats. But something goes wrong, and the team of heroes breaks up. Despite the multiplayer bias, the game has a full story, it combines all the characters and maps on which the battle takes place. Since the launch, seven new characters have been added to the hero pool. Blizzard tells the story of the world of Overwatch through their characters: almost everyone has an animated short film, comparable in quality to a full meter from, for example, Pixar.

Continuous support

The game won the hearts of players around the world immediately after the launch. The figures confirm this fact: more than half a million dollars from sales and more than 40 million players. Overwatch has become an anchor project for Activision Blizzard, and the company continues to develop the project two years later, constantly offering players new maps, new characters, new themed events, and new cosmetic skins.

Release date
Activision Blizzard, Blizzard Entertainment
Age rating
13+ Teen
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      1,000,000 items
      Window of Opportunity
      Amplify 2500 combined damage and healing without dying as Baptiste in Quick or Competitive play.
      Hit 6 enemies with a single use of Doomfist's Meteor Strike in Quick or Competitive Play.
      Overwatch Platinum Trophy
      Collect all other Overwatch trophies.
      Air Strike
      Get a killing blow with Doomfist's full-power Seismic Slam in Quick or Competitive Play.
      Use 2 other heroes’ ultimates without dying as Echo in Quick or Competitive Play.
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      82 items
      Was sucking as Hanzo in Bounty and Blizzard chose violence
      Jan 21, 2023
      Junkrat took it on the chin. Respectfully (OW1 gameplay)
      Jan 21, 2023
      As a player that mainly plays support, I'm quite proud of this POTG I got as Orisa
      Jan 21, 2023
      I had four Mercy's protecting me the whole game love my Mercy's😌
      Jan 22, 2023
      Junker Queen wins Battle of Olympus!
      Jan 21, 2023
      Latest work in progress!
      Jan 21, 2023
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      Overwatch reviews and comments

      «Blew my mind»
      «Can’t stop playing»
      An absolute stunner of a FPS. This team-based shooter is peak hero shooter. The cooperation becomes absolutely necessary and can lead to intense frustration when matched with the wrong squad.

      It seems to be getting too big for its britches. The larger the game, the harder to access.
      9.0/10 - One of the best Multiplayer first person shooter ever made!
      «Just one more turn»
      «Can’t stop playing»
      Best game of the decade. Beautiful graphics, fast paced, very versatile characters, lots to play. Fun and enjoyable overall.
      «Can’t stop playing»
      A couple of years ago I would've rated this as "Exceptional" and while it is one of the better multiplayers out there, over time it gets less fun to play. I would often yell out loud over how stupid the other players were, making us lose the match. There are also some buffs and nerfs that seem to happen for the sake of it, and new lore, characters, and maps are released at a snail's pace. It's a good game but I recommend playing it sporadically so it remains fun for a long time. 
      I never bought overwatch but I’ve played over two free weekends and I played it a lot each time. I had fun with Overwatch but nothing really made me want to keep playing. It was fun playing the different characters. And I found some favourites that I really did enjoy. But at the end of the free trials I was satisfied with my time.

      Final Score: B+
      starting this game was an absolute joy. i played a bunch of it for fun with friends, and played couch-competitive for awhile, cementing a relatively high rank (diamond) for being a casual player that had never done much FPS. it got stale for me at a certain point and the matches started feeling too same-y, but i definitely got out my money's worth
      Most fun I've had in a multiplayer game since the early COD games. Better be a teamplayer if you play though, or else you'll have a very limited experience.
      Before this game came out, I had only a passing interest. Blizzard was never a developer I cared about very much (I tried, really really hard, to like WoW many times throughout the Vanilla days and whenever a new expansion came out, but I just didn't) and the game itself, while looking interesting, reminded me way too much of a MOBA at the time to really grab my attention. Plus, since Counter-Strike and Ragnarok Online, I have barely managed to really get into a Multiplayer game again.

      However, then the Open Beta for Overwatch came around and, being incredibly bored at the time and not playing anything online anymore, I decided to give it a go.
      I haven't stopped since, bought the game immediately at launch, 3 more times after to have 4 accounts because I'm a fucking idiot, and I still play it today, going into 2020.

      In this time, a lot has happened. I briefly played the game in a Clan, just like I used to when I was actively playing Counter-Strike Source, but ended up stopping that when I didn't get along with the leader much and when I decided that the pressure of that was too much.
      I've been to almost every rank, from barely Grand Master all the way down to barely Gold and currently sit at High Platinum - Low Diamond, depending on the role and the day.
      Playing Comp, I have cured my irrational fear of using the Microphone while speaking English, have gotten a very chill, positive attitude, got really good at keeping toxic teams together and focused on a goal, broke, started hating the game and especially its community and since warmed up to it again and now play it not daily anymore, but still on a regular basis, having fun, doing my best, being generally positive, but stopping my session as soon as toxic players start getting to me.

      I do have to say, though, that in the past few months my outlook on the game has become way more cynical. The refusal of the developers to really commit to anything in fear of humiliating specific playstyles, even those they and most of the community don't approve of, is starting to get in the way quite a bit. Balancing updates that shake up a quickly stale meta take forever now and content has been getting more and more sparse since Year 2, after they spoiled us with constant new things and promise of a lot more for the first 12 months of the game's life.

      2020 isn't looking very promising in that regard either, with them focusing their work on a big, free update that they have been holding back for a while already, just to couple it with a PvE spin-off and call it a "sequel", which might be another year, or more, away still.
      Things have been getting frustratingly stale and slow, and aren't looking to speed up anytime soon.

      Still, the game, as a whole, means a lot to me. The first 2 years in particular were incredibly fun and a mostly positive experience. And those who haven't been playing since launch will definitely not feel as content-starved as veterans do, which is why I would still highly recommend the game to anyone even remotely interested in this kind of thing.

      The game controls and feels great, visuals are clean and pleasing, character voice lines and interactions are charming as all HECC and while Competitive might not be for everyone, Quick Play, the Arcade and especially the Custom Game browser leave a lot of room for just some nice, casual fun.
      It's easy to be jaded and cynical, but I mostly am because of how much time I have pumped into this game and all the potential and promise it had. Compared to what I thought, in the first year or two, where this game would be by 2020, it's a disappointment. But when compared to what other multiplayer games have to offer, at that price (40 bucks main game, no paid DLC, still being updated), especially in the past few years, it's absolutely amazing.
      «Blew my mind»
      «Just one more turn»
      read more