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Diablo 3

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The third Diablo returns you to the world of Sanctuary, once again invaded by the demons. Twenty years after the ending of Diablo II, a star has fallen on the city of New Tristram, spawning hordes of undead monsters that the player must defeat. As usual in Diablo series, the game has a trademark dark fantasy atmosphere and is mostly set in gloomy dungeons.
The basic gameplay features are the same as in previous Diablo games, but there are many subtle changes. The player can choose one of six character classes (a seventh is available with an expansion). Each class has its unique abilities and class-specific quests. Unlike its predecessors, which used isometric 2D graphics, Diablo III uses 3D, however, it preserves the familiar top-down view. The dungeons are randomly generated and have destructible environments, thanks to the new graphics engine. There’s a new mechanic Skill Runes that is used to improve the character’s skills.
Online multiplayer is available through Battle.net. There are both a co-op mode and a PvP mode called Brawling. The players can create hardcore characters who face permadeath if killed. Even in the single-player mode, Diablo II requires a stable internet connection, because of DRM restrictions.

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Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.
Blizzard Entertainment
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Diablo 3 reviews and comments

Gameplay 8/10. Graphics 8/10. Soundtrack 7/10. Storyline 9/10. OVERALL 8/10. (A 9.0)
«Beaten more than once»
Haiku Review: I drank a potion / but my health was already / full. This game is easy.
Favorite Thing: There were a few pretty gorgeous cut scenes.
Least Favorite Thing: There are two things I need to say. One, rubber banding? Let alone in a game I'm playing single player? Two, this is, by far, the easiest game I've ever played on "hard".

Date Completed: 2018-12-07
Playtime: ~ 15h
Enjoyment: 6/10
Recommendation: Meh. If you have some sort of attachment to the series go for it.
I want to name everything that annoys me in Diablo 3: 
the content is boring 
most of the game's social features are removed 
online multiplayer is a random, and you never now will the co-op be enjoyable 
DRM is awful
 servers are lagging
 As a result, there are much better aRPGs out, like Krater or Torchlight 2, or Path of Exile. I recommend to spend time and money on them.
One great thing about this game: it wasn’t abandoned after the release, and the more DLCs and updates were out, the better the title got. Now it’s one of my favorite loot-focused action RPGs. It can be replayed over and over, and it never gets boring - thanks to updates we get every season. It’s definitely worth your time and money right now. 
Incredibly fun and beautiful game. However, upon completion of a few characters, maybe some sets are done, you've become as OP as possible, and you are as high as you can go in the grifts, the game seems pointless to continue playing. Lots of fun for months, but after that, it just doesn't seem like something I will revisit often.
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