Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne

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The Frozen Throne provides gamers with a vast new chapter in the epic Warcraft saga. In the single-player campaign, players revisit the war-torn world of Azeroth. Several months have passed since Archimonde and the Burning Legion were defeated at the battle of Mount Hyjal, yet a new threat has arisen throughout the land. One new Hero per race, each possessing powerful spells and magical abilities. A host of new units, each equipped with new abilities and spells, giving players the opportunity to create diverse strategic and tactical forms of combat. Player-built shops, unique for each race, equipped with items carefully designed to improve and aid the units of every race. Neutral Heroes, available for recruitment by all players, that can supplement and strengthen a player's army with all new spells and abilities. Expanded multiplayer options over Battle.net including multiple new game types, clan and tournament support.

Release date
Blizzard Entertainment
Age rating
13+ Teen

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Last Modified: May 15, 2024

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Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne reviews and comments


«The Frozen Throne» brings with it new units for each of the four races, adding even more variety to battles. These include both simple units and heroes, offering even more strategies and tactical solutions for players. In addition, The Frozen Throne improves the balance of the game by making changes to the cost and power of certain units and abilities, as well as adjusting some map elements to improve strategy.


Expansion continues the story of «Warcraft III» by introducing a new campaign that follows the events of the original game. «The Frozen Throne» offers even more story moments and impressive twists and turns, fleshing out «Warcraft's» story and deepening the lore.

Multiplayer and Custom Maps

Addon brings many improvements to «Warcraft III's» multiplayer, including new maps and mods. Perhaps the most notable change, however, was the improved map editor, allowing players to create even more complex and engaging custom maps. This certainly played a role in the development of «DotA» and the emergence of the «MOBA» genre.


If «Reign of Chaos» was an RTS masterpiece, «The Frozen Throne» brings even more skill and finesse to it, making it an indispensable addition to the original game.
«OST on repeat»
Warcraft 3 is a lore.
It is a strategy at its finest.
It produced DOTA.
You don't know of Warcraft?
Go watch a movie.
Warcraft III, If you have not heard of it, you've been living under a rock.

This game is fantastic. Not just the game as it shipped, but also the game it came to be.

Let me explain why:
The good:
- THE BEST EDITOR. Seriously, if you like modding, it'll never get better than this.
- Thousands of custom game modes to enjoy. You can play Dota here. Nearly all of the game modes are polished.
- An active and vibrant community. There are lots of people working on all kinds of projects, everyone will be happy to help you along!
- A huge story driven campaign that sets off the events in World of Warcraft.

The bad:
- The RTS speed might turn you off. Its rather slow.
- The engine cannot handle too many units at the same time, and lag will only hit those who own too many. (I guess it also functions as an auto-balance tool ;) )
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»
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